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  1. If you're using DK scoring, it was only the 2nd best game of the year.
  2. Dropping him 3 weeks ago after holding all season is going to haunt me.
  3. Sometimes a guy just puts up a stinker. Rodgers had one against the Bucs a few weeks ago. His schedule is pretty good for the rest of the year especially against week 14 and 15 against the Vikings and Flacons. Maybe another week with AB will help get him to a more consistent level.
  4. I was going to sit him, but after seeing that hat, I don't think I can.
  5. Seems like he'll be limited even if he does play. https://www.nfl.com/news/even-if-packers-rb-aaron-jones-suits-up-tonight-don-t-expect-a-normal-workload NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported on Good Morning Football that he does not hear optimism about Jones' status. "Even if he suits up, it's going to be nowhere near a normal role for him," Garafolo added. The Packers are without backup Jamaal Williams and rookie A.J. Dillon due to COVID-19 protocols. Green Bay has rightfully taken a cautious approach with Jones this season, not wanting to turn an injury that k
  6. Should be plenty of garbage time for Bell to get some touches. I'd say his odds of getting in the endzone about 75%.
  7. No way. They are going all in on Tom. They have a 2 year window to get it done. No way they are going to get rid of any weapons now.
  8. Looks like he knew where he wanted to go all the back in March.
  9. If they stick Antonio in the slot, he's getting atleast 8 targets a game.
  10. OBJ was most likely on waiver since he missed the first 4 games of the season.
  11. Both him and Russ have that clutch gene. Game on the line you know where Russ is looking and it's not #16.
  12. Looked similar to Gordon Heyward's ankle. He can come back from this. Alex Smith was out there on the field today. Hopefully it isnt as bad as either of those guys.
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