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  1. Ruggs walking alright on the sideline. Whatever it is, it doesn't look too bad.
  2. Considering the incompetence of the jets ownership, you're probably right. I think good ownership, however, would look at his history and notice a trend.The guy is a moron. So many of their drives today were just killed by errors that could largely be attributed to a lack of preparation. The last play with Darnold missing the snap being among the most egregious.
  3. I think most of us have known that for at least two and a half years. I have no idea why the Jets hired him. Incompetent coach, even more incompetent ownership.
  4. What are the chances Gase gets fired before the end of the season?
  5. my god, i would kill for dennis miller at this point i keep saying it, if nfl game pass gave me the option to mute certain broadcasters, i would subscribe immediately.
  6. considering how s--- the jets have been, they kind of deserve it
  7. challenging? Really belicheck? you know you're up 33 to 0 yeah?
  8. This Jets team looks strikingly similar to Gase's Dolphins. I don't understand how Gase is still a head coach in the NFL. The guy is a fraud.
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