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  1. Yep. Dude has good control but terrible command. Far too often he's just leaving so many of his pitches in the meat of the zone that get hammered.
  2. This man might be the Angels most valuable player because him being good has finally forced the corpse of Pujols to the bench for good. Pujols will obvioiusly still get some starts whenever Ohtani isn't in the lineup but I'll take it at this rate.
  3. Marsh didn't get too much playing time in spring since he was nursing a shoulder injury and Adell was brutal in his short stint last year. I think we see Taylor Ward be the one who benefits from this Fowler injury. Hit well last year and had a great spring for them
  4. Counsell sure loves pulling his starters who are cruising with ease with manageable pitch counts for no good reason. Not like Burnes had any stressful innings he had to navigate around. Same goes for Woodruff yesterday.
  5. Tatis has that Hanley Ramirez like violent one handed follow through that really puts a strain on the shoulder. Hanley had multiple shoulder surgeries throughout his career if I recall
  6. Imagine ever playing the corpse of Pujols over Jared Walsh. Angels talk about wanting to make the playoffs, so time to be serious about it and make Pujols a $30M bench player/PH only
  7. Max Stassi must hate Ohtani. Simply misses catching the ball on what should have been the inning ending strikeout and then follows it up with a horrendous throw to 1B
  8. Throwing 101 and hitting 115 MPH, 450 ft bombs in the same inning. Just normal stuff
  9. Despite the great stuff, Luzardo is really quite hittable.
  10. Has Eloy turned 2 flyballs in play into HR's? Honestly, it was jarring just how bad he was defensively. You figured we would have heard something in the scouting reports etc but I was not prepared for how much of a butcher he was out there last year Brandon Marsh IMO is the name to keep track of for potentially replacing Fowler this year. He's very good defensively so that alone already gives him a leg up on Adell.
  11. Don't disagree there, but you don't need to be spending a top 64 pick on a backup RB for depth purposes
  12. I under-estimated how bad a GM Gutekunst was
  13. You don't give RB's a 2nd contract and you especially don't when you just invested a 2nd round pick in a RB the year prior. Gonna miss Jones but knew this was the end outcome. Hope he gets a nice fat contract from whoever
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