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  1. That's now 3 times in the last 4 years he's hit the IL with a shoulder injury. Not encouraging for his long-term outlook. It ended his 2018 season(injury occured at the end of August), cost him 2 months in 2019, and now who knows how long he'll be out with this one.
  2. Gonna say he misses all of April since he'll need multiple weeks worth of games/AB's that he won't be getting in spring training to get ready for the season.
  3. Was hoping this was just another one of the 50 injury scares he's had this season and then I saw the video. Please don't be an ACL injury
  4. 2020 and now 2021 he's straight doo doo. 2019 looking like an outlier at this point
  5. Why the hell is Paddack still in for the love of god
  6. Hate when I second guess myself. Was about to sit him but changed my mind at the last moment. RIP my ERA
  7. Appreciate teams continuing to pitch to Ohtani. They must be a fan of watching him hit bombs too
  8. Anthony Bender with the easy 1-2-3 inning save against the streaking Dodgers. Showing a glimpse of what could be but doubt this is anything more than Yimi Garcia being unavailable after pitching 2 straight days and throwing 38 pitches yesterday Still, good to see Bender getting the opp and converting it.
  9. Please keep pitching to Ohtani so we can be treated to more of these mammoth bombs
  10. Dude is a freak athlete and I know that and yet I'm still surprised at the ridiculous things he's doing. In the moment I didn't think he was gonna make it home on that rocket that Walsh hit despite knowing that he has elite speed
  11. Pablo Lopez taking the mound for his outing today
  12. Jake Burger of the White Sox tore his achilles twice in 2018 as a recent comp. First did so in February and then again in mid May in similar fashion to Soroka(just from walking). Didn't play in 2019 and obviously there was no 2020 season so who knows how he'd have performed then, but he's(so far) having a solid year in Triple-A this season
  13. Yikes man. Just WALKING caused him to re-rupture it? Terrible news and incredibly concerning regarding his MLB future
  14. Yep. The reasoning for it was overblown too. Worrying about Wander's launch angle.
  15. Cannot wait for him to gain 3B eligibility and perhaps 2B eligibility sometime this season
  16. Dude hasn't played a game and already compiling stats. 3 threads and counting for him!
  17. Demotion to Triple-A imminent. Complete disaster this season
  18. Pitches 6 innings last night to get the W and then crushes 2 HR's the next day. This is so damn cool to see
  19. That's some April Ohtani stat line right there
  20. The one week where I didn't need to start him, so it worked out well for me! Coors claims another victim
  21. Now hitting .423/.464/.808 in June in 52 AB. Any day now, Rays....
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