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  1. Well I wasn’t wrong. Late July was the longest this loser baseball team had been tied for first since 2001. Predictably they got beaten like a piñata in their first 2 games. After a bitter divorce where my ex wife got everything except my rotoworld screen name I make my triumphant return. Glad baseball is back! Who missed me? What’s new?
  2. Real life has a lot to do with fantasy. If you eat a** in real life you’ll be benched frequently, like he has in the past few seasons. He’s a volume producer you need a lot of at bats for him to run into stats because he’ll go a few months of next to nothing statistically. His cost is low. Just wouldn’t expect much, because as I’ve highlighted he’s a horrid player.
  3. The only years he hit those stats he had nearly 700 at bats and played 155/157 games. He’s not touching either ever again. A. because he sucks a** and is a horrific real life baseball player and with larger sample his team and other teams have now seen that, and B. His team has a plethora of options, all better than him so playing time DH or not will be seesaw.
  4. If he goes to Minnesota you can go ahead and fire Zimmer now. This coach killer will get him canned sooner than later.
  5. Saquon couldn’t hold his jock. He doesn’t deserve anything close to what CMC just got. Not even close to the level of talent.
  6. That’s the kicker here. He isn’t a between the tackles grinder who might wear down quicker than the average back. He’s a multi dimensional star. He’s an elite WR also. He also has an amazing physique and keeps himself in the best of shapes. I hope no other turd running back uses this contract as some barometer. McCaffrey is an absolute league of his own at his “position” and nobody else is even close.
  7. One of the worst hitters in Major League Baseball. Horrific swing, terrible approach. He swings out of his shoes enough to stay relevant at times in fantasy. In real life he’s a total bum. There’s a reason he’s still on the Padres when they’ve tried to pay teams to take him. He’ll find a way to sit a lot. Total headache, even though cost is low.
  8. I forget I got bored of their season after their CF with his 20 pound gold chain smashing into face as he was chasing a fly ball miss timed his jump and pushed the ball over the wall for a HR.
  9. It’s an interesting topic for sure. So far we have a handful of athletes (NBA players) who contracted Covid-19. If you listen to Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, none of them every displayed any symptoms. So their bodies were business as normal. Now for them and most other athletes it will be similar. But the tricky part is what if 26 year old Lindor has Covid-19, he’s in the locker with an old manager who it could easily spread to, whos not as likely to not have symptoms after contact with the virus. Its above my pay grade to make decisions like that. In the climate we are in right now I don’
  10. How bout those Mariners? Longest they’ve lasted into April still tied for first since 2001!
  11. Seattle does everything well except baseball! Keep social distancing, keep elbow bumping, and hopefully sometime into May we can get back to normal.
  12. The Drew brothers might be the new Seager brothers. Both Stephen and JD was massive hyped talents. Both solid major leaguers. Kyle wasn’t hyped. Corey was though. Corey will probably always be a better real life player than fantasy though. He’s good enough to stick at SS which scouts overrate, but he doesn’t steal bags for us in fantasy, doesn’t have outrageously high power/counting stat ceiling. He’ll never be a huge ROI guy in fantasy because of lack of statistical contributions in some areas.
  13. Melvin Gordon was awful his rookie year. Tons of fumbles, 0 tds, 3.5 YPC only 640 yards.
  14. Fantastic work. I need to do those with the Mariners.
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