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  1. WRs are DK, Rildey, Jakobi, reagor, slayton and reynolds.
  2. im sorry, i just dont want anything to do w Henry. If he isnt scoring multiple TDs he is just a 100 yard rusher and what is that in PPR. 10 points. dude never catches a ball. how many RB can u start? 2 rb and a flex? how many wr can u start 3?
  3. 12 team league i have been decimated with injuries. Saquan Kittle ridley traded for CMC 4 weeks ago. came back and went off, and immediately got hurt. my RB are not good. Kareem Hunt and Duke Johnson right now.
  4. do i pull the trigger and acquire diggs? just not sure CMC comes back during the season. post your thread and I will answer
  5. so say CMC is out for the year, mike davis or Hunt? thanks
  6. i hope not but when a player goes for a 2nd opinion, its usually not to confirm good news.
  7. MIxon not practising again. MId foot sprains are tricky. ROS id rather have Tyreek
  8. Rest of Season, who would you rather have MIke Davis or Kareem Hunt? Sorry about that
  9. Kareem Hunt for Mike Davis? Add your link and i will add my 2 cents
  10. i am looking for a very active Roto league. How many do you have in the league? jwalkerus @ gmail
  11. interested does not matter if its dynasty or re draft. it just needs to be a roto league. if so let me know and ill post an email so you can sedn the details
  12. was in a 20 team roto keeper for 20 years. I quit the league after constant veto of my trades. i am looking for a roto league. Must be roto. like 5x5 or 6x6 will be hyper active. most likely checking 3-4 times daily. looking for trades, looking at waivers. $ or free league. Hoping to join a league that has been around for a few years. post here if you have interest in an active manager.
  13. down 6. full PPR. i have miles sanders and eagles DEF, he has eagles kicker. espn settings. Do i win?
  14. Ty hill and kyler Murray for gurley and locket. 2 rb and 3 wr chubb is my only rb. I’m starting Jordan Howard until/if Melvin plays wr are ty hill, Godwin, AROb, samual sutton te is ok Howard
  15. 12 tm ppr 1 qb league winston is my qb. I give ty hill and get Todd gurley and Tyler Lockett. Thanks. And post a link so I can lend my 2 cents.
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