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  1. Is he legit? Let's look at stats traditionally considered "predictive" (of these, I typically find SIERA and xFIP to be the most helpful). 2021 ERA is .69 (obviously unsustainable over a meaningful sample size) 2021 xFIP is 2.88 2021 SIERA is 3.05 2021 xERA is 1.94 So what does this tell us? Freddy's been lucky, but even if his stats "normalized" he'd still be at a near-elite level. A few of those walks turn into Ks due to better umpiring (Freddy seems to get squeezed a lot ... probably my imagination as an owner) and near-elite turns into elite. --Interestingly e
  2. Congratulations to Dom Nunez and Omar Narvaez. After a heated battle between yourselves, Zack Collins, Willians Astudillo, Tom Murphy, Elias Diaz, and Daulton Varsho, you have won the jobs for my team. **Dom Nunez should be grabbed in any league in which he's still available right this moment.
  3. I think he gets exactly one more shot.
  4. They'll definitely give Bass another chance after that Houdini-trick Conforto just pulled to steal a win! How blind do the umpires have to be to not notice a guy leaning across the plate to take a pitch off his elbow pad?
  5. Candidly, I thought Yimi would have the job already.
  6. I had forgotten he was on my team.
  7. That's the example that Atlanta management repeatedly shoved into Albies's face to make him sign the worst contract in modern baseball history.
  8. Matt Harvey is another guy who I can't understand why he hasn't been converted to a reliever yet. He's down to one maybe slightly above league average pitch and his secondary offerings at this point in his career are garbage (I watched his first start and he has no offspeed pitches that look even league average). Is it pride with these guys? Would they rather retire than head out to the bullpen? Is there something mechanical about converting from a starter to a reliever I'm not aware of? The track record of folks switching up and seeing a resurgence as a quality reliever is incredibly
  9. Yup, that's exactly what they did. I remember reading an article at some point that indicated that there wasn't an executive in baseball that believed Pujols's lies about how old he was. While obviously Pujols went on to a Hall of Fame career, I have to think the 2.5-3 year discrepancy between his stated and his actual age really depressed his perceived value as a prospect.
  10. First James Shields mention of the year!
  11. Would twenty bucks change your mind about calling him a post sleeper guy? If so, I'm a little short ... can I borrow a twenty?
  12. I'm actually an attorney, and the responsible answer is to say I need to review the contract and the union rules, but I would suspect that they would have had a case for voiding the deal. The only way they wouldn't have is if the contract was drafted in such a way to render age an "immaterial" term ... which is a decided possibility, particularly if Pujols's agent/attorney were on the lookout for that sort of issue. Every time an announcer or a publication talks about Pujols's integrity, character, etc., I just have to laugh. The guy is a stone-cold f***ing liar going all the way back
  13. We covered this in the Yankees thread. The league mandates that Hicks hit third for the Yankees to bolster parity against smaller market teams.
  14. This was true, like, three years ago. Which is fitting cause Pujols is about three years older than his reported age.
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