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  1. Clase closed ... by process of elimination.
  2. Diamond-handed HODLers about to watch those calls print.
  3. I bet I know the one: "A lot of great-looking women in the world. I never met one made me wanna give up all the others."
  4. MOASS incoming when Manfred is forced to reverse the policy. Hedgies gonna get caught over-shorting and all of us diamond-handed apes can HODL the gammaa squeeze rocket ship straight to the moon. Apes together strong! NO PAPER HANDS OR FUD ALLOWED!!!
  5. That one will scar you. I remember being irritated I missed grabbing him for what looked like a juicy stream. Yipes.
  6. At least they'll always have their memories of the Shelby Miller era.
  7. Lot of faulty sarcasm detectors on this board.
  8. Chad owners of Clase in saves-only leagues: Meanwhile, Karen-chak owners:
  9. It is standard practice among doctors to never, EVER indicate that a prior medical procedure or diagnosis has caused or aggravated a subsequent problem. Even if they do so, they won't put that in any report. It's an industry wide practice to avoid blaming health issues on prior medical care in an effort partly to avoid litigation and partly due to the "thin blue line" effect of not impugning the efforts of colleagues. Source: hundreds of medical depositions and medical files examined.
  10. I'm thinking post ASB, at least. 1600 East First Street , Santa Ana, California 92701
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