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  1. Betting on Solak over India is starting to look ... questionable.
  2. Karinchak setting up Clase for the save. Karinchak can be Clase's wingman anytime.
  3. When Penn State's football program didn't get the death penalty for just about the worst scandal possible (in order to protect their income streams and reputations administrators and coaches turned a blind eye to children being raped in their facilities) I lost any semblance of minimal respect I still had for the NCAA as an institution.
  4. On second thought, two month minimum.
  5. The MLB Hall of Fame apparently has a higher evidentiary standard than finding someone guilty of murder in a court of law.
  6. Pete Rose!! A guy who bet on games when he was a manager?!?!?!? You have to be kidding me ... Didn't someone do an analysis of Pete Rose's managerial stint and find several bizarre situations where Cincy hitters were disqualified for batting out of order, meaning that Rose had given a different lineup card to the Umps than he had to the players? I'm going to go look that up, but it happened far more than one would expect. The guy bet on baseball, there's evidence he betted on his team to lose, then when he was caught he lied about it and personally attacked Bart Giamatti, who sh
  7. No, there really aren't. There are just guys who are better at public relations. **I'll give you just one example: what percentage of married pro ballplayers do you think are faithful to their wives?
  8. Lots of things were part of the game for a long time. Doesn't mean those things were okay.
  9. A lot of people realize too late in life that the phrase "Nice Guys Finish Last" isn't a joke, it's 100% true.
  10. Barry Bonds, much like his father, has by all accounts been a self-absorbed, narcissistic piece of s**t for pretty much every day of his big league career. It seems like every anecdote about him casts him in a negative light. If he's doing something nice for anyone other than himself I'm going to assume there are ulterior motives.
  11. Can you name some players you believe have flown under the radar but haven't been called out publicly out?
  12. I feel like there's a typo here that's obscuring your point, because a player did do it ... namely, Bonds. Do you mean any other player? With or without drugs?
  13. I wasn't joking ... though with me, it's often hard to tell. And that's by design.
  14. Keep him and the rest of the roid cheaters out, IMHO. **I find it pretty interesting that likely roiders who never got named in a criminal or civil sting basically got off scot-free regardless of how obvious their juicing was. Sports media is allergic to any kind of statistical or physiological analysis in this regard, so if you weren't caught red-handed you don't have to worry about ever being scrutinized. I can think of one HOF who had a better season at age 37 across the entire statistical spectrum (including obliterating his career best HR and RBI totals and achieving a slugging
  15. Didn't he lose all of last season due to a right rib fracture?
  16. Considering that Karinchak has been used far more sparingly as of late (I would presume that Francona finally got around to reading my posts on how badly he was overworking Karinchak and Clase) I expect that it will be a committee due to inning-management concerns if nothing else.
  17. Starting in roughly late 2019, I simply began assuming that such scenarios will exist for modern MLB franchises rather infrequently. Lux seems like someone a franchise is going to want to play every day as, ultimately, he's projected as a cost-controlled future mainstay of their infield.
  18. Hmmm ... this is kind of like that moment in the Matrix when Neo sees that same black cat twice.
  19. I want it live, not downloadable later. **Unless they changed it.
  20. Great thread idea, and I am curious to see who the biggest sell high targets are.
  21. Definitely behind Kind Falafel, Perez, and Realmuto. Anyone else? Eh... that playing every day as a DH is a huge advantage. Diamondhanders are going to reap big time rewards if spaceship Yermin takes off again for the moon.
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