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  1. I agre with this post. Snead will definitely hurt Ginn's value(if Snead ever gets healthy)
  2. 10 team non ppr league where we keep 2 players. I have been offered Larry Fitzgerald for Aaron Rodgers and Willie Snead I get-Larry Fitzgerald I give Willie Snead and Aaron Rodgers Should I take it???
  3. I'd take the Bryant side. I have Pryor on two teams and I am not even starting him.
  4. 10 team non ppr league. I drafted Jamaal Williams thinking that Montogomery could not hold up as an every down back but he(Montgomery) looked good last week. I don't own Montgoimery but I do own Kareem Hunt. Should I drop Jamaal Williams and pick up Char West to handcuff to Hunt? Thanks
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