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  1. After losing the final last year because of Theilen's goosegg, I made it back after a 12-1 season and averaging 150 per game. I steamrolled my finals opponent by 50! 12 team PPR Watson, Diggs, Moore, Cook, Robinson, Kelce, and Hunt. Probably my most dominant team ever.
  2. Whew, glad I didn't buy into the hype.
  3. Many here suggested benching Watson, Rodgers, and Allen for him.
  4. lol @ the clowns that sat a top QB option for Hurts. That’s on you.
  5. What a baller. Should have had 34 with a last minute fumble.
  6. 20 points, who would have thought Perine would outscore him. [...]
  7. Probably one of the highest ceiling players you can have in your lineup today. A few more catches should provide a solid floor also.
  8. Faced Swift and Jacobs today. I like my chances.
  9. A little disappointed in his performance but it certainly wasn't a killer. Need my other guys to step up.
  10. Draft Robinson everywhere you can next year. This is going to light a major fire under his a**. Look what he’s done for not being drafted. He give two middle fingers to the rest of the league.
  11. He's going to sink championship teams when he only plays a half
  12. Great matchup but there is no way he's putting up a 40 burger again. 30 is very reasonable.
  13. I just needed 6 from the Steelers D to advance. Probably my most soul crushing loss ever. I always come back but I'm not sure I will after this one.
  14. Cardinals had over 500 yards of offense and he puts up a total dud. Embarrassing.
  15. Yahoo projected me to win by 5 and I'm going to win by 50.
  16. lol @ Rams D going to sink a lot of teams
  17. Hope his ankle injury doesn’t keep him out of championship week.
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