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  1. Based on averages he's ranked 85 on Yahoo 9 cat. 34 in the last 30 days. Not bad for any rookie.
  2. This one is great if you know who and more importantly who not to pay attention to.
  3. Tyler Johnson - G - Heat Tyler Johnson (illness) will not play against the Suns on Wednesday. Johnson said he would play, but the team announces he won't be out there with plenty of time to share. With him out, there could be more minutes available for Goran Dragic, Dion Waiters and Josh Richardson, but Wayne Ellington should also get more run. It's also possible Richardson moves to a bench role, but he'll be getting big minutes tonight.
  4. Wouldn't they have done that with Amir backing him up?
  5. This guy started the season top 30 and you all want to drop him for a 2-3 week absence? He's a hold as far as I'm concerned.
  6. I think he'll come good. I know he's got a year under his belt but remember his horrible start last year?
  7. So I have this rule for my roto team. If a player sucks he sits on my bench until I see 3 good games in a row before inserting him back into the starting lineup.... FML.
  8. I can't belive people think that the Spurs are a boring team to watch, everything they do is just beautiful and unlike certain other teams *cough*Heat*cough* they really embrace the team concept.
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