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  1. I can also confirm that registration for this offer works through a tablet (in my case, an iPad) 🙂
  2. After a good 4th inning, Civale is at 80 pitches and 8/0 k/bb. His statline won't be what we want, but he's been squeezed today, leading to 10-15 extra pitches, 1-2 extra runs, 2-3 less K's. Overall, still impressed with his whole repertoire and approach ....
  3. no Rendon ..... https://www.rotowire.com/baseball/daily-lineups.php
  4. Perspective from Alabama: https://600wrec.iheart.com/content/2020-04-23-coronavirus-truths-and-lies/
  5. The latter (less Chinese visitors) is definitely true.... Italy has numerous large-scale business relationships with China .....
  6. I introduced some new info, and it's now up to you guys to discuss. I've got no horse in this race so I'm not incentivized either way (well, other than that it would be nice to have baseball this year!) ....
  7. Yes, that 25k new cases is actually consistent with their projection graph, just saying ....
  8. yes, but a suggested total US death toll of 81K by early August is FAR from doomsday predictions, and it appears to me a return to normalcy can happen in the 2nd half of May, generally speaking .....
  9. Take a look at this projections site, which also has a state-by-state breakdown: https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections Are these projections a bit optimistic? And if not, wouldn't it suggest there will be baseball this year ??
  10. from the perspective of auction price, in my 24-year young (since '97) AL only keeper league, no player has been drafted more often for $50+ than Carl Crawford. And those 4-5 years of so w/ the Rays, he returned that value every year .....
  11. both Joe and Reed in Giants starting lineup .....
  12. Stash is exactly what i'm looking for, as this league is 300 deep, NL only, no FA transactions. And....Giants are filled with crappy players, and Connor plays everywhere.....
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