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  1. he is probably the least stable, but between Anderson's health and the possibility of one of the other 4 getting hurt, it might not come up.
  2. .259 BABIP is not likely to be sustainable (O.Co helps), but 59% strand rate is rock bottom low for a solid pitcher who has kept the ball in the park (4% HR/FB is unsustainable as well). that's why the ERA is bad but the WHIP is good. I'd expect them to go in opposite directions. I think holding him really means expecting the Ks to materialize. otherwise he's just sort of a meh, start at O.Co type of pitcher. prototypical mediOAKer as Grey @Razzball would say.
  3. I'm not starting him @TEX personally, but their offense isn't what it used to be but Arlington is still Arlington and it's summertime. I think he's above streamer level though. so when is that swinging strike % going to start manifesting itself into some Ks?
  4. I didn't realize how poor his Ks were. in a cap IP league he definitely seems like a candidate to be over-drafted.
  5. meh lots of guys get TJ. I don't think that makes him an injury risk. he is a stud and plays in a great park. GB pitcher who controls walks and gets decent Ks. he goes deep into games and that helps in the W column. I have full confidence in him. I agree with OP, he's in that category of guys who could establish themselves as aces. it says a lot that the A's, who need bats, wouldn't trade him for Wil Myers.
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