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  1. Ah, gotcha. Unfortunately, not an option at the moment. I'd be happy to put it on the "wish list" since it sounds useful.
  2. Hey, Dark One. This should be what you're looking for: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/596010-rotoworld-software-upgrade-questions-and-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=6436489 The search index is currently updating, so there may be issues when using the search function to find recently-created threads. Other than that, I ran a few searches myself and didn't come across any problems. Do you have any specific examples of failed/incomplete searches or are you consistently unable to find anything you search for in the MiLB forum?
  3. It works for me. It may be an issue on your end. For further assistance, please fill out a ticket here: http://www.rotoworld.com/about/help.aspx
  4. Hello, With the upgrades, the forums underwent a facelift. The new design is called "responsive design." Here's a picture to demonstrate: What this means is that there really is no "mobile" version vs. "desktop" version—rather, the site stays the same and offers all the same features, but the look "adjusts" to the platform you're using to browse. With that said, you can request the site to display as it would on your desktop (basically it'll be expanded rather than having buttons to access certain functions). Follow the instructions in this link:
  5. This is one of the issues we're attempting to resolve. If you can, please fill out a ticket here; it will help expedite the process.
  6. Were you able to get past this issue? If not, can you provide a screenshot and the browser you're using?
  7. You should still be able to do that. Click on the share button (top right of the post) and it should already be highlighted and ready to be copied.
  8. Are you still having this issue? You guys most likely had the MultiQuote feature enabled. The easiest way to clear this in any threads where you may have turned it on is to clear your cache. However, we can look into finding a simpler way, i.e., a side-scrolling pop-up that lets you opt out of MultiQuote in real-time. Does that sound like a good solution? I believe this was a server-side issue. It should be fixed now.
  9. If your intended search doesn't come up immediately, you can click on "[Search] in content titles only." If you do that, the intended search should always show up on top. Whether this is a more efficient search function than the previous one is certainly up for debate, but an extra click after using the quick search isn't too bad. Just make sure you still select "This Forum" before the initial search so that you filter out all the AC/BC threads
  10. Like Patrick Bateman said, selecting "This Forum" from the dropdown menu consistently brings up the thread you're searching for. I tried with 15 different players, including Blackmon, and the desired thread was listed at the top each time. I recommend doing it this way rather than searching for topics, which spans across the Forum.
  11. Sounds like a server-side kink. Let us know if it becomes a frequent issue.
  12. We must have missed the complaint about not being able to go to the last post of a read thread—apologies (tagging @CooL now that I've seen his post). It's actually quite easy: you just have to click on the timestamp of the last post (below the name of the last person to post in that thread). Here's a picture to help: I recommend clearing your cookies and then re-logging in. You likely accidentally enabled the MultiQuote feature (the "+" sign), which is why you're seeing the quote come up whenever you attempt to reply in that thread. Let me know if this solves your issu
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