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  1. Winston should legit have no less than 5 picks min in the first half right now, amazing
  2. Safe drop now that both have cleared..?
  3. Hmmm - maybe, just maybe it has something to do with their MVP QB becoming immobilized after rolling his ankle early and then having it stepped on by a 350lb Sasquatch soon after..
  4. if you really believe the outcome would have been the same, had his ankle not been rolled / stepped on, I don't know what to tell you. Keep sippin'.
  5. It's funny to me, today I see the "talking heads" are all about the "blueprint" for slowing down the Chiefs.. Sure, Colts were successful at running the ball and doing their thing, but why is everyone overlooking the fact that Mahomes re-tweaked his ankle pretty early on (twice) and was MIA due to a lack of mobility / 5hit line, after that? He was his same highlight reel self prior to that and prob would've lit them up for several more TDs had his mobility not been compromised..
  6. Adding to the sentiment, he is just a “joy” to watch. Like one of the posters alluded to earlier, he’s so fluid and has top notch pocket awareness, it really is like he’s contrilling himself from a 3rd person POv. I don’t know if there’s any other QB that handles themselves better in the pocket right now.. and I agree, It would be something else to see him in an offense that skewed pass more. All of that also goes without saying that he can throw the damn ball too..
  7. This was a MAN amongst BOYS tonight.. Carson > Gurley > Penny. I don't know if I can count 5 guys that run harder than this man when healthy. Do yourself a favor and watch the highlights from this one.
  8. Gurley is no Carson, that’s for sure.. 🤣
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