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  1. Only started 1 of the last 5 games? Wrong side of a platoon or did someone come back from injury?
  2. Any reason why his R/RBIs aren't better? He is getting on base a ton in the heart of a strong lineup but is really just a 1 category contributor as the steals seem to have disappeared. Still contributing decently but not doing as much as expected given he has been healthy and is strong start.
  3. Does anyone know if Y! is going to adjust their treatment of him? I have both versions of him in a keeper (keep 7) but I don't think either version has enough value to be kept but if they were to combine him like other platforms that he becomes an appealing asset.
  4. Any thoughts on Wilson Ramos? I see him as one of your largest outperformers relative to ADP but then there isn't even a quick blurb tied to the projection. Thanks
  5. I dont see the difference between lowering your number and missing an opportunity to add to it. As I said earlier all categories really are ratios in capped leagues so a zero does worsen you average. In runs you are trying to get to 750 in 1500 games whereas in ERA you are trying to keep the runs below 600 in 1400 (very rough numbers). If both players the same deviation below average for the same percentage unit (in my example an inning is about equal to a game) they will have the same negative effect. A pitcher has a greater chance to be more deviations below the mean but that has nothing
  6. The analysis in point 1 seems to be flawed. Assuming that you play in a league with capped games played every category is really a ratio. If you goal is to have 750 runs but you only have 1500 games to do it in then your goal is .5 runs/game same as ERA is a ratio. If you look at it this way you can see how the player who puts up an 0-4 with nothing else is hurting you in the runs category. Its the same as a pitcher going 9 innings and gets 1k. He hurts your K category. A stat neutral sample using my made up data would be 2 games where he scored 1 run. One factor going the favor of the
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