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  1. Final game prediction. Let’s go right now. 52 PTs 7 tripples.
  2. You know what I love about streaky shooters? When they hot - they hot like fire baby. Burn baby burn
  3. It’s about every 10 games. For every 10 brick city games he will put up a Steph curry game. You heard it here first!!!
  4. “ Yo Mudiay! welcome to the team. Listen, whenever you get the ball just pass it here. I’ll show you how to drop some bombs from downtown young buck.” ”Hey Timmy! What’s your secret to avg 2+ trey a game?” ”uhhh...young buck! The secret sauce is the more tripple you shoot, the higher the chance you get to make something! If you are 0 for 5, don’t worry, just take 5 more! You will eventually nail one young buck!”
  5. Just put it this way guys, if he don’t shoot he isnt worth much. If he keep shooting he may have a chance to make something!
  6. He is slow even when he is healthy. Watched him a lot when he was on the lakers. Always thought to myself, wow, for a young kid he seems slow for his body type.
  7. You wouldn’t get him cuz i’d outbid you at $60
  8. How does one shoot 33%+ from deep with hand in their face, but can’t shoot 80%+ at the FT line with no one guarding them? This isn’t just him, there are a few players like this. Always wonder about this
  9. Come to the lakers so you can put up stats like this every game and be ranked top 5 for years to come!
  10. Lillard + CJ vs Curry + Klay 2v2 halfcourt, who wins? Lol
  11. Rick Kamla fallout? I’m not familiar, please explain?
  12. There’s no need to justify why you dropped. His FG is not good, that’s no secret. And yes he is gonna take a lot of shots so yup it’s gonna hurt your FG. He is a streaky shooter, so yup he gonna brick a ton of shots some night and blow up for 5-6 tripples another night. When he goes ice cold you gonna hear “drop city”. when he blows up you gonna hear, “told ya he is a stud”. This is why his adp is 100+. Because if he is consistently dropping bombs then he would just be drafted in the early rounds. I hope none of you drafted him in the early rounds so
  13. lee is a role player. Every teams got a few role players. If you don’t like his recent stats, drop and find another role player who’s stats you do like.
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