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  1. Speaking of Doolittle. I remember Dusty getting hammered on here for selecting Doolittle to serve in the closer role. Time to give him some credit. It was clearly the right choice. Their bullpen has settled in nicely, and Johnny B. deserves some of the credit.
  2. I said about 6 weeks ago to keep an eye of John Brebbia in St. Louis. I'm standing by that. He looked filthy today protecting a 4 run lead. Lyons is very good, and Oh has experience in the role, but Brebbia has been very, very good the whole time he's been with the Cardinals.
  3. Wondering the same thing. My thoughts are as follows though: 1. He's clearly been the best guy in that pen for weeks now. 2. However, he'a a lefty and his stuff doesn't profile a "closer stuff". 3. Managers LOVE guys who have closer experience. It's like 1980's NBA recycling head coaches. 4. I think he still may be a potential starter next year and beyond. sooooo... Oh probably gets the gig for the time being and maybe beyond. I'm in an 11 team NL only so I'm not quite dropping him yet.
  4. OK Fair enough. I would actually agree he's got the stuff to be a legit top 5 guy. But he's a legit top 15-20 guy, and pretty reliable most of the time. Consistency will hopefully come in some up coming seasons, and he can challenge for some hardware, but for now enjoy what he is, which is pretty damn good when pitching is clearly at a premium.
  5. really? most overrated player in baseball? Come on man.... Dude is a fine lower tier ace.... What did you expect? He's poised for a career high in K's and a career low in WHIP.
  6. He sat 95-93 all day with a bunch of first pitch strikes. Had great command of his breaking ball and kept it down and in to right-handers consistently. This really was quite an impressive game. His command was ace-level today. A name that should show upon quite a few "sleeper" lists next year.
  7. I'd say 75% chance it's Oh. 20% chance it's Lyons(has been dominant of late) 5% chance it's Brebbia.
  8. Joe can flat hit....always has been able to. It's amazing baseball fans don't realize the ebbs and flows of one of the most difficult things to do in sports. The man is a hitting machine.
  9. Glavine had 12 seasons with a WAR over 3, 6 top 3 CY finishes and was in 10 all-star games. Cone had 10 seasons with a WAR over 3, 1 top 3 CY finishes and was in 6 all-star games. Key had 8 seasons with a WAR over 3, 2 top 3 CY finishes and was in 4 all-star games. David Cone and Jimmy Key were fine pitchers. I do not think either belongs in the Hall of Fame though. Glavine was better and better for more seasons. (he also had 2-3 very bad seasons at the beginning and at the end not unlike a lot of studs I suppose)
  10. "were not good enough long enough" is a perfect logical reason for someone not getting into the Hall IMO. Just as, being really good for an extended period of time is a logical reason for someone getting in. I DO agree that Mussina belongs in. So does Schilling.
  11. I didn't even think Glavine was really debatable. He was really, really good for a very long time. Like it or not, 300 wins IS a magic number too. He started and ended awful, but he was one of the best pitchers in the NL on one of the great staffs in baseball history. Tom Glavine is very deserving.
  12. Guys that love speculation and finding the next hot, strike out closer, keep an eye on Jose Ramirez in Atlanta. Been solid all year, and he's been dominant lately. He's been the Braves best reliever all year. Deep leagues, dynasty leagues, speculators take note.
  13. Ziegler may not last long. Fact. But this year notwithstanding, he's been a pretty solid major league reliever, and serviceable closer. Guys with "Bear Claw's" walk rate this year don't have long closer self lives either
  14. I think Roy H. gets in.....and he should. Johann was great, just not long enough.....139 wins just won't cut it. He has no shot. Lince doesn't either....just not great near long enough. Sabermetrics have changed the way people vote for pitchers, and wins are slowly being devalued, but they will never be disregarded. Unless you're Koufax (maybe a couple others) longevity matters. I think it should to a large extent too.
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