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  1. My bad, thought he was going on Saturday. Carry on!
  2. Sure, it wasn’t statistically a blown save, but I doubt the team or management will just completely write off the fact that he blew their chance to win.
  3. Should Tucker owners seriously consider another option because of the rain/wind?
  4. I know going against his advice is the popular (and often right) thing to do, but in this situation, I'm not so sure... He is working alongside some pretty plugged in people at ESPN... Who really knows though. All we can do is wait.
  5. Really terrible timing for this injury... his numbers indicate that he's for real, but with so many other guys on the DL, it's tough to hold on without knowing a timetable for certain. His interview does make it seem minor, though.
  6. I don't really see 30 homers in his profile. He's hitting fly balls at a low clip for a power hitter (29%), and HR/FB ratio is at a career high and more than double what is was last year. Projections have him at 16 homers ROS, putting him at 24 total. What I'd like to see is that walk rate go back up. He's improved his contact rates, though.
  7. I do think the velocity drop later last year was probably due to fatigue. However, it would make sense if the velocity drop to begin this season was actually a conscious effort made by him to avoid getting tired later in the season and to pitch deeper into games now. If that's the case, I'm actually glad. After all, he's still getting the same amount of whiifs (13% swinging strike rate vs 12.9% last year), so I do think the stuff is still there even with the reduced velocity. Not sure if there's been any anecdotal evidence that he is intentionally not throwing as hard.
  8. I still don't understand why Cain doesn't lead off.
  9. His swinging strike rate is up to over 14%, too, which means potential for more K's.
  10. I'm excited about him for points leagues, since he doesn't strike out a lot and has shown a high walk rate in the minors. I wouldn't expect too much power, though. Maybe a Christian Yelich-lite type guy, which might not be too exciting in standard formats.
  11. Not only has it only been one game, but keep in mind that Cutch tends to start out slower.
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