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  1. Not to mention getting the reserves/prospects some ab's.
  2. I like to use it when I look for waiver wire help position wise.
  3. Yet Tacoma is holding the high school basketball state tournament right now..
  4. Thanks..it does show the number of times a player has played at a certain position during ST.
  5. Does anyone know of a site that shows which positions players have played during ST? Also, I relied on Mr.Sports for regular season info on that but it appears that may no longer exist, any suggestions? thanks
  6. The corona virus is in the best shape of its life.
  7. In my weekly league a guy has to play the position either the week before or the week you put him in at that position. So yeah, Bellinger is right there but I guess I was thinking more of Freeman because of his full time 1b.
  8. One of these Astro players are going to get in an altercation with a fan.
  9. The only reason this guy is still in the majors is because of his gigantic contract. At age 34 I think he is done physically and mentally. I am sure he had a 3-4 game stretch during the regular season where he hit well....then again maybe not.
  10. He will also platoon with the DL all year.
  11. I am considering drafting him eighth overall. He is head and shoulders the best at his position, Of course, this recent news is concerning.
  12. Disagree. A few years ago he was pretty slim. I think he was 15.
  13. Oh, cool. Another season of Dusty and his toothpick.
  14. Bregman did the Astros no favors in that interview. He basically pleaded the Fifth. These questions are going to continually be asked throughout the season. Enjoy Astros.
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