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  1. Right when the Rockies have a week of home games.
  2. So Bellinger sends out an instagram (supposedly today) that he is running. Three days ago it was reported that he was running at 60%. It was speculated that due to Bellinger's reveal that he was getting close to rehab games. Just more of the same confusion.
  3. I have both plus Bellinger. Been a fun year.
  4. Home Depot has a sale on rope and ladders. I might drop by.
  5. In order to field nine guys next week i had to make a trade that I normally wouldn't have done, Six of my nine starters on IL with long term injuries. Eat me.
  6. Your name is Richard Kimble and you mentioned Jansen.....
  7. Cbssportsline update: Running at 60%. Only 40% more ! Then rehab games...see ya in another month !
  8. All three of my players who got injured yesterday go on IL. Keke, Buxton and W. Ramos. Six of my original starters on IL.
  9. At this point I don't think anyone is concerned about Buxton period.
  10. I was going to make this my last year of playing fantasy baseball but I might return next year just to have the satisfaction of passing up Buxton.
  11. The first Buxton owner who looks for updates on his return should be banned from this forum.
  12. Latest update on Mondesi: 'The team is not rushing his return'. Hopefully, this gives you valuable information.
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