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  1. I'd rather be wrong and draft him too early then wait and watch him ball out on someone else's team.
  2. Until they get a new QB, Monty's ceiling will be limited and he will be inconsistent week to week. They simply didn't generate enough offense last year.
  3. 12 team standard. 11-2, first place regular season, highest scoring team in the league, league champ. QB - Lamar RB - Ingram RB - Henry WR - Hopkins WR - Sutton TE - Engram/Higbee Flex - Conner/Allen Robinson K - Butker DEF - New England/Baltimore
  4. Played in just two leagues this year...won two championships. Life is good 😎
  5. I had no plans to draft a TE early, but there was no one else left I really liked at 2.05 in a 14-teamer so I pulled the trigger. The next four picks after him? OBJ, Antonio Brown, Kerryon Johnson, Damien Williams.
  6. In 8 games with Trubisky this year, Robinson averaged 5.4 catches and 57 yards per game. He has one TD in those 8 games. In 2 games with Chase Daniel (counting the Minnesota game), Robinson averaged 7 catches, 87 yards and has two TDs in 2 games. SSS, but I think we're better off with Daniel in there.
  7. Redskins might as well give him as much run as he can handle. They gotta see if this kid can actually carry the load for a sustained period of time.
  8. I’ve been waiting TWO years to debut this nickname, and finally the time has come: Lucas G-ELITE-O
  9. Here's a good article on the subject: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/padres-are-using-their-pitching-depth-in-a-proactive-way-to-limit-stud-rookie-chris-paddacks-workload/
  10. Terrible news, but it's a long season and he'll be back eventually. The silver lining is this gives his calf extra time to heal, hopefully reducing his chances of re-aggravating that injury during the season.
  11. Not to pile on, but this is a shining example of how a looking at only a box score and advanced stats can be misleading. I watched his entire start and the Padres as a team clearly came in with a plan to swing early and often, to avoid falling behind in counts. Smith did a great job of quickly recognizing it and making an adjustment, offering up pitches early in the count that looked enticing but were not easily squared up. The result was a ton of weak contact, including many pop ups. There were only three hard hit balls off him the entire game, including the home run.
  12. The polar opposite of Johnny Bench
  13. Can't see any reason why the Sox would call him up before Super 2, regardless of his AAA performance. Hopefully we'll be seeing him in June.
  14. Credit to the Dallas coaches. The run wasn't working early on but they stuck to it and it paid big dividends in the second half. It would not surprise me to see a similar game plan next week.
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