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  1. I think he has a good future, theoretically. But he happens to be presently stuck in a crappy tanking franchise that is happy to see most of its shots go to guys who aren't part of the teams future, or at best to low-FG Cole Anthony. I think the rest of this season will be a bumpy ride for Okeke, where he will showcase some peripheral stats but struggle to get consistent touches.
  2. No, but I'd keep my eye on the FA pitchers, and keep Winker on a short leash. Thanks for mine, as always.
  3. Especially given your circumstances, Yelich it is. Final answer.
  4. I'm dropping Soria due to their bullpen situation. Who should I add in his place? Available Hitters: Chisolm, Hampson, India, Rojas Available Pitchers: Cease, Fairbanks, Kennedy, Rodon, Sheffield, Singer, Webb Team in a 12-team, h2h, mixed league C- Garver, 1B - Bellinger, 2B - Biggio, 3B - Arenado, SS - Biggio, OF - Ozuna, Conforto, Frazier, Util - Cron, Bench - Laureano, IL - Grisham SP - Fried, Gallen, Gausman, Montas, Musgrove, Ohtani, Pineda RP - Bass, McGree, Montero, Pagan, Soria*
  5. If keeper, no. If not, I'd wait and see. Nerlens will have a good game sandwiched in between some bad ones. Help?
  6. Better off trying Diallo. Rose/Quickley/Elf gonna be a headache ROS. Help?
  7. I'd base it entirely on your needs. If you need guard stats go Conley. If you're weak at PF/C, Nance. I think their worth is comparable so I wouldn't overthink it in terms of value. Help?
  8. Burks is a 6th man so he'll face some competition for minutes from Rose and others, but he's been efficiently on fire. Graham has a sure path to minutes with Lamelo done for the season but he can put up some awful FG and TO numbers. Who do you prefer ROS?
  9. NAW, especially if Lonzo comes back this week. And I'd say Bjelica because we have no idea what his situation will be in Miami. He might start. Or Ariza might. That said, Bjelica has a higher ceiling than Clarke, so you can also drop Clarke while we wait and see. Help?
  10. Roby. Then wait and see. I think Roby is the only one at the moment with some path to minutes. Help?
  11. Bog is getting a little more run it seems, if you must. Help?
  12. No. At least wait and see on WCJ. Don't drop Moses, especially not after last night. Help?
  13. I take it his FG% doesn't scare you? He was primarily responsible for bricking me in that category this week.
  14. Hunter will hopefully return soon. Bagley will not. Bagley is the drop. Help?
  15. Probably Keldon. The amount of duds he puts up is too many to ignore. But it's close enough i think between him and Stewart that I wouldn't fret too much. Help?
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