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  1. Need some advice on this offer. 12 team league. Non ppr. 1 qb. Which side do you like in each trade? 1. A-Amari Cooper, DJ Chark (15th round keeper next year), Mike Gesicki B- Kittle (14), Juju 2. A- Rodgers, Amari Cooper, DJ Chark (15th round keeper next year), Mike Gesicki B- Newton, Kittle (14), Juju
  2. Hey everyone I’m selling my draft kid. ! I’m in a CBS league and they sent me a draft kit. Unfortunately my league and I won’t be drafting in person. It’s never been opened. I’m willing to sell it for $20 and ship it (US ONLY) let me know if you’re interested! The photo isn’t uploading here, if you’d like to see it first let me know.
  3. Not really sure what side you mean. Are you saying take Jones and Moore?
  4. Def counter. I wouldn't do that for Fournette, but the other deal I would.
  5. Which side do you prefer? Jones and Moore or Evans 12 Team, I'm 6-4 in 3rd place. Here's the lineup I have. If I take Jones and Moore, I'd likely be trying to move Bell for a WR (trade deadline is Friday, not sure I could pull it off) Winston RB (2) Kamara, Bell, Ballage, Murray WR (3) Evans, Adams, Curtis Samuel, John Brown, Crowder, Dede TE Kittle
  6. Yea, doesn't seem like a drop, unless maybe you're in a 10 team league that starts only 2 wrs.
  7. Trade Hopkins Get D. Henry and Robert Woods Rest of my team: Start 2: Kerryon, Montgomery, Drake and Penny Start 3: Thomas, Allen Robinson and Desean Jackson
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