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  1. No idea what they are doing. What does their rotation even look like rn? Fine if they want to let Chatwood and Lester go but it isn't like those guys were breaking the bank anyway.
  2. Didn't even know Bortles was still in the league.
  3. The Hall of Fame is a joke. Guys like Harold Baines and Jack Morris are basically the equivalent of Koko B Ware being in the WWE HoF.
  4. Nobody from that division deserves to be in the playoffs
  5. Yeah Andy needs to throw that play in the trash. Brutal call there.
  6. He should've had the record to himself. They gave a BS one to Taysom too
  7. The problem with investing in Darrel Williams is won't get enough touches to warrant entering into lineups for the Ship/3rd place. Bell seemed fine at the end of that game. Also Andy Reid probably feels like he HAS to give Bell 12-15 touches so he doesn't sulk like a baby and get divisive in the locker room, but he may chuck it 60 times with Mahomes anyway.
  8. Damn how is there so much time left in this game...
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