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  1. Yeah the problem is outside of keeper/dynasty leagues, just not getting enough playing time to warrant a Hold in some leagues that may have limited bench spots. Will be more of a 2nd half guy barring injuries is my guess.
  2. And Kershaw draws the bases loaded BB. The curse is real...
  3. Orioles with a sick double play started by nice play by Galvis
  4. Just a stupid sequence by Lynn. Why would you even pitch to Ramirez there, let a weaker hitter in Rosario try to beat you.
  5. Well that was interesting. I don't think when Jimenez stood up from the tag attempt to lodge Eaton off the bag but it happened and Eaton rightfully was heated.
  6. Crazy part is forget fantasy, most MLB teams irl could have signed him for a song and all teams must have considered him washed/damaged goods. Just goes to show that front offices get it wrong a ton. A real washed guy like Jon Lester got 5 mil for 1 year where a younger, albeit more injury prone Rodon got 3 mil to resign. Feels like Rodon took the lack of interest on the market to heart. To the naked eye, he looks like he is in better shape now too.
  7. Bet on the opposing team's pitchers next week! 😆
  8. And got the answer. Carlos Rodón of the @whitesox has tossed the second no-hitter of the 2021 MLB season. This is the earliest into a season (by date) there have ever been two no-hitters.
  9. As a Sox fan loving the Rodon no no obviously. Curious if 2 no hitters have ever happened before April 15 in any MLB season ever? Guessing Jayson Stark will answer that on Twitter or wherever.
  10. Good to see a competent manager get his future the reps they need instead of bum retreads (LOOKING AT YOU LaRussa 🤬)
  11. I wish MLB would get rid of this absolutely stupid little league extra innings rule. What a joke.
  12. Will be interested to see how his stuff plays out and whether he can finally stay healthy. Minimal cost this year outside dynasty leagues where he was still a hold perhaps.
  13. Thanks for stinking up the joint Evan Marshall geez
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