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  1. Friday is probably TBD because Oakland is shutdown for Covid.
  2. Who would the Yankees have to trade for Clev? all I’ve seen are the Yankees fans sad 3 for 1 deals on all of their busted prospects.
  3. If he develops a killer instinct he could be a superstar. that said his arm slot (specifically how slow his arm seems to take through his motion) could be an issue with durability
  4. I noticed yesterday that his swing looks way more compact than I recalled. It looked good.
  5. Definitely post TJS. That first year of Liriano with the high 90’s fast ball with late movement was crazy. I remember it felt like the second coming of Johan. Not exactly stuff wise but a lefty who kept guys tripping over them selves and looked like he could be a Cy Young guy.
  6. I will probably get flak for this but his arm slot reminds me a lot of Liriano back in the day. Liriano had the meh fast ball but he had the same changeup/slider combo. Both had the fastball sit 93-94. I think Caleb’s fastball gets more whiffs but I haven’t dug into the data at all.
  7. Im so confused as to what people are expecting here? The most aggressive projections had him with 14 Hr, 58 rbi, 72 runs and 12 Sb. He is almost 50% to the most aggressive projections and there are still 6 days left in April. Sometimes I think the sabermetric guys lose sight of what’s actually happening.
  8. And that was reflected into his cost at the draft, right? Him staying healthy is where the profit sits.
  9. This is a fascinating take. I am interested to hear more about the 10 innings of 2019 vs the other 1100 professional innings. Perhaps I am not understanding the point which is completely possible
  10. Arenado has been better but is also two years older. It makes sense that his contract would be shorter that what Bryce is looking for.
  11. It's clear that people are put off by Bauer which is fine. I think when you add in that fact that he likes to play the heel and you've got what we have here. What I am REALLY interested to hear is how people compare this latest Bauer outburst to what DeGrom is doing right now. I don't want to derail the TB thread but what DeGrom is doing to me is sooo much worse. DeGrom (who was awarded 17 million in arbitration) is saying that if they don't give him the contract extension he wants before opening day that he will self impose and innings limit, yet I see no outrage.
  12. Yeah, sorry guys. While watching it had the look of TJ. He wasn’t holding back and there was nothing there.
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