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  1. I think Brujan gets called up before Wander
  2. The sent German down but I think we’re planning on calling him up on the 24th
  3. Normally this is the case. Literally what every team would do right!? Except the Royals have done some stuff this year that makes you pause. They had zero reason to extend Sal Perez to the contract they gave him. But they wanted him, the fans and the other players to know they cared and appreciate him. So here where things aren’t as clear. The exact moment Witt gets called up he is the face of the franchise. I would not be shocked if they announce a long term deal buying out all of his arb years and they call him up.
  4. This is how people win leagues. Accept that he sucked but think long term. If you can stash him and protect your team do it all day. Every time I hear someone say “rage dropped” I know there is an opportunity to profit.
  5. Mechanics 100% Corbin has a very long arm slot, especially for a lefty. So his effectiveness is all about his slider. So if the slider is having issues, for whatever reason AND his mechanics get out of whack it's not a simple solution. The other thing is that when trying to fix mechanics your body ca break much easier as you might be over exerting the wrong muscles or shifting your weight too much and causing stress. When nothing is working where do you start to fix it.
  6. He’s pretty close to his terrible April average as has been stated. The biggest issue is his inability to locate the ball. He’s still got a lot of filth.
  7. What protection specifically? The only guy out there that I know if Schwarber and I am heard nothing. Is there other at bats coming?
  8. Please read the previous posts. Please.
  9. Correct. It would be considered one of the all time greatest seasons if he out preforms those numbers right?
  10. Again, you’ve missed the plot. So I’ll help then drop it. When people are talking about Soto and historical seasons, they are doing so comparing him to other 22 year olds at the mlb level. Hope that clears it up.
  11. Lol, wut? You are trying to create an argument where their isn’t one. Soto can have a great season and not be compared to a HOF’ers best season. That was a ridiculous comparison to make.
  12. it’s a neat comparison, but in the end Roy had two things that we haven’t seen from Paddack yet . Halladay had several plus pitches. Paddack has one elite pitch and a loose relationship with a few others. But here is we’re everything separates. Halladay had one of the highest baseball IQ’s I’ve ever seen. You cannot develop that by being sent down. You either have it or you don’t and Roy was one of the greatest masters I’ve ever seen.
  13. I can’t believe he’s only 32. It feels like he’s been around forever.
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