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  1. Do it. I like SGA alot and the other guys are bonuses. Help
  2. I kind of like Barton. Had a good game last night and hope he improves as I have him. Help
  3. KP is definitely the more rounded player for 9 cat. Get him. Help
  4. I would be getting Green and Ball. Should I do this?
  5. I would be getting Wendel Carter and Steven Adams. Should I do this even though Allen looks great?
  6. If I take Dame at #7, who should I take at #14 in a 10 team H2H 9 cat league. Thanks
  7. Dont give up Andrews for Lamb. I would give up Jonnu for Lamb though. Help
  8. Anyone at RB on waivers? I would stilll do it to get Kittle. Help
  9. I wouldn't. You don't have much depth at WR. Help
  10. Stay put. You need Monty with Cmac out. You will be fine with Herbert and Stafford. Help
  11. I like Burrow the best. Only going to get better as the season goes on. Help
  12. Definitely Allen. I expect a bounceback. Need to see Cam first before I can safely start him. Help
  13. I would be getting Ertz and Murray. As a Kamara owner, I've been trying to get Murray. I'm also trying to buy Ertz on the low. Am I overpaying?
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