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  1. First round playoffs - Kupp against NE/Aiyuck vs. Washington. WHIR
  2. I like Robinson and can't sit Zeke despite everything.
  3. I'd go Chubb. While he has Hunt to compete with, Boston Scott is not completely out of Sander's picture either.
  4. Not sure how Bridgewater out affects Davis. Ballage and Ahmed are close. Thoughts?
  5. It may be seem like a minor annoyance, but we plan all week for Sundays, and to see how our progress through live scoring. And it's a paid site. Get it right or get out of the business.
  6. Singletary is definitely #1 Williams a close 2 over McKinnon, but that one can go either way,
  7. In a super flex league, which two of three... Brady, Tannehill, Minshew. Many thanks.
  8. I like Slayton's surety to lineup more over Mostert, and he's going against a bad D in Dallas in what should be a shootout.
  9. I'm starting him over Cooper Kupp given both their matchups.
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