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  1. I was offered Bregman and Yordan for my Trout and Mancini. It's a 16-team, keep-12 league. 6 categories (BA, HR, RBI, R, SB, OPS). Positions are C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, OF, OF, OF, OF, UTIL. Should I do it? I know it's Mike Trout, but Bregman and Yordan are both pretty special hitters themselves. And before you say they're only good because of cheating, consider that Bregman's road OPS was over 1.100 last year and his career road OPS is higher than his career home OPS. Yordan also had a nearly 1.000 OPS on the road last season.
  2. 6 x 6 scoring (standard 10 categories plus OPS for hitters and Quality Starts for pitchers) We have to keep 6 for next year, but in 2020 the number of keepers will expand to 10. I'm already definitely keeping Acuña, Soto, Story, and Freeman. So I need to pick 2 of these 5 players: Vlad, Mondesi, Suarez, Bieber, Sale I'm strongly inclined to keep Vlad despite the struggles and thinking I would pick either Mondesi or Bieber for the last spot, but I'm curious to hear what you guys think.
  3. It really can't be stated enough - he's tracking to be an all-time great hitter. At age 20, with masterful plate discipline, tremendous bat speed and bat-to-ball ability, and power to all fields, there's really nothing that's going to stop him barring health.
  4. 3-for-4 with a HR today. Juan Soto's last 91 games (162-game pace in parentheses): .323 BA .427 OBP% .638 SLG% 25 HR (45 HR) 71 RBI (126 RBI) 77 R (137 R) 9 SB (16 SB)
  5. There are so many great young players around baseball right now that Gleyber kind of goes under the radar, even with the Yankees. His last 83 games played: .294 BA .370 OBP% .601 SLG% 27 HR 60 RBI 66 R He's just 22 years old so it's fair to say the best is yet to come.
  6. He went 4-for-4 with a walk tonight. Juan Soto's current pace for 2019 (162-game pace in parentheses): .293 BA .405 OBP% .563 SLG% 37 HR (40 HR) 109 RBI (117 RBI) 103 R (111 R) 16 SB (17 SB) You know, just your basic 20-year-old at the major league level.
  7. I agree this is who he is. But if I may just dream slightly bigger... Acuña's last 65 games (162-game pace in parentheses): .313 BA / .389 OBP% / .605 SLG% 24 HR (60 HR) 51 RBI (128 RBI) 67 R (167 R) 22 SB (55 SB) *drools* I don't actually think this insane pace is possible to keep up, but my point is that he might even be able to do a little bit better than the "last 162 game" numbers suggest, on the basis that he is only 21 years old and possibly showing real improvement.
  8. Yes, I realize that. But for the reasons I mentioned, I don't think this is something that will be the par for the course in future seasons for him. If every other fat slugging DH in MLB history can play just about every game, so can Vlad.
  9. I firmly believed that being rested this frequently is not something that should be expected to carry over into next season. Probably just the result of the Jays being all the way out of contention + this being the first time Vlad has ever played a full season, and they don't see any reason not to lighten his workload. But yeah, I'm not discounting his stock for next year because I'm worried he may be rested frequently going forward. He's 21 years old and the Blue Jays will always have the option to DH him anyway.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't stash in redraft unless you play in an extremely deep league. But for dynasty leagues... he's up there with Wander Franco, Jo Adell, and Luis Robert for the best fantasy prospects in baseball. Definitely somewhere in that top 4 at the moment.
  11. Yeah, he got off to a really slow start this year. But I think his numbers since mid-May are more of a reflection of his true talent. His last 73 games projected to a 162-game pace: .318 BA (.337 BABIP) .427 OBP% (52 walks, 54 strikeouts) .602 SLG% (40 home runs, 29 doubles, 9 triples) 118 RBI / 114 Runs 16 stolen bases
  12. He hit a couple of bombs today. Amazing how little attention he has gotten this season! Probably because we had all the hype in 2018 and encores aren't as exciting as the original thing. Through 108 games this season (162-game pace in parentheses): .289 BA / .401 OBP% / .543 SLG% 24 HR (36 HR) 77 RBI (116 RBI) 68 R (102 R) 10 SB (15 SB) Don't forget - he's 20! Usually when we talk about 20 year olds we're talking about players in A ball, and if they're in AA we're incredibly impressed. Meanwhile Soto is already mashing for his second straight season at the ML
  13. S*** is getting real. 3-for-5 with 2 more homers tonight. Last 59 games: (numbers in parentheses = 162 game pace) .317 BA / .392 OBP% / .602 SLG% 21 HR (58 HR) 45 RBI (124 RBI) 60 R (165 R) 19 SB (52 SB)
  14. Oh, and here's what Acuña has done over his last 58 games, projected to 162 games (hope that makes sense). .311 / .389 / .578 54 homers 115 RBI 162 R 54 SB So Acuña is either #1 or #2 in your keeper/dynasty league along with Trout and he's going to go #3 in redraft leagues next year behind Trout and Yelich.
  15. Acuña's Current Pace for 2019: 161 games played .295 / .375 / .522 42 HR 104 RBI 130 R 36 SB
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