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  1. Getting taken to the woodshed tonight. Everyone falls in love with the shiny new toy and it often takes a while for them to figure it out in the show.
  2. Benching him is the right call. It’s the people who are dropping him or selling him for pennies on the dollar that I want in my league.
  3. People jumping ship on him now are definitely going to regret it later. This man is a bona fide ACE and he will figure it out in the next couple of weeks to return to his ACE status.
  4. He went 3-5 tonight with a HR. Kike Hernandez hit the IL. Maybe soon?
  5. That is amazing! So impressive. The main problem I see, and it’s a BIG one, is freaking platoon obsessed Tampa Bay. It’s a near certainty this kid, however great, will NOT get full-time ABs when called up, and that’s a huge detriment.
  6. I think Dunning is maybe the “safest”, but the upside of McKenzie is intriguing. Others?
  7. I wouldn’t. Cease has nasty stuff but control problems will almost certainly lead to some ugly blowups. I think Gibson is due for regression. Keep Berrios. Help?
  8. I prefer Pearson. I am skeptical about Tampa’s use of McClanahan. We know how they baby their SPs and he might not be allowed to even pitch 6 innings consistently. Plus, I think Pearson is a little ahead in his development. Help?
  9. 5x5 AL Only Roto with QS instead of W. Rank these SPs ROS only. Thanks! Triston McKenzie Griffin Canning Dane Dunning Tarik Skubal Nick Pivetta
  10. Jays really need him now. Expect him to be up as soon as he’s built up to 90-100 pitches. Probably 1-2 weeks.
  11. This kid was just dropped in my AL Only league. He should have huge upside and be worth a bench stash. Walks have been bad, but in the minors, control wasn’t a problem. What do people think of him ROS? Can he right the ship?
  12. He’s not all the way back but it was a step in the right direction. There was going to be some expected regression from last year’s insane numbers. That said, I still think he can settle in to a mid 3’s ERA with solid whip, Ks and Ws on a good club.
  13. He’s got a ton of talent, to be sure. That said, young SPs often have some major blow-ups, so I’d tread lightly.
  14. 5x5 Roto, Mixed League with OBP instead of Avg and QS instead of Wins. I trade Cavan Biggio and Eduardo Rodriguez for Luis Castillo. Is it fair? Would you do it? Why or why not? WHIR. Thanks!
  15. Duffey has been off this season. I’d drop him or Barlow, who has Whip concerns.
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