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  1. Without knowing who’s available on the wire, I’d still lean toward dropping him and streaming an SP. The kid is no doubt very talented but he will be prone to blow-ups and inconsistency as a rookie SP. 12 team league should be shallow enough to find usable streamers.
  2. AL only league with QS and Wins both counted, 5x5 Roto. Brady Singer, KC Jesus Luzardo, OAK Obviously Luzardo is more touted but he’s in the bullpen now and pitching poorly there as well. Thoughts?
  3. Kid started the season hot, left and performed well at Olympic trials impressing everyone who saw him, and returned to Worcester and picked up right where he left off. He’s 24 y.o., he’s not 19. It’s beyond time. Hope the Sox pull their heads out of their a**** and call him up. I’m saying this as BOTH a Sox fan AND a fantasy baseball player.
  4. Another HR tonight. Gotta get the call soon.
  5. I’m not saying Kowar will not be a great pitcher one day. What I am saying is that pursuing that upside in his first few months in the bigs is FAR MORE LIKELY to do damage to your fantasy team than to pay dividends. It’s a simple risk-reward situation that people are blinded to by prospect pedigree.
  6. Rookieitis. After many years of playing this game, I’ve come the conclusion that I will NEVER own a rookie SP in their first season, no matter how highly touted. For every one of them who excels from day one, there are nine others whose inconsistency destroys your ratios. Simply not good odds.
  7. He’s been on my bench, where he belonged. Who is activating him at home vs Milwaukee this week? My inclination is to wait until he strings 2-3 good starts in a row.
  8. So they call him up, bat him as high as 6th, he starts out hot and.......they send him down. WTF?!?!?
  9. I’m not doubting the kid’s talent at all. His numbers are incredibly impressive, in particular his plate discipline. The issue is Tampa Bay’s system wide philosophy. There are tons of examples of their extreme love of platoons and babying starting pitchers (unrelated here, but true). My long shot fantasy is he gets trades to another organization. Otherwise, his platooning for TB is as certain as death and taxes.
  10. In 2019 he batted .301 as a lefty and just .202 as a righty. He’s platoon bound.
  11. I’m so impressed with this kid’s skill set. That said, Tampa would have platooned Willie Mays in his prime, so anyone expecting full-time ABs when he’s called up will be sorely disappointed.
  12. Unless he decides he wants to run, he’s the classic example of a better real life ball player than fantasy guy. Avg and runs (if at top of lineup) only. Talented kid with fantastic bat to ball skills but he’ll never be on my fantasy club.
  13. I would pull the trigger on that deal. I view it as a win-win for both clubs. Castellanos is the slightly surer bet, but Tucker helps your team more with the SBs. Go for it.
  14. 5x5 10 team mixed Roto league with OBP instead of average and QS instead of wins. Thanks! deGrom & Kepler for Darvish & Castellanos.
  15. And we have to wait through Danny Santana first. Ugh. This kid is a STUD.
  16. I got some sarcastic responses earlier in this thread when I mentioned the common unpredictability of even high end rookie SPs. Any rookie SP excelling immediately is the exception, not the rule, as Gilbert has shown yet again. Better to speculate on a young gun in their second full season.
  17. So the chase to outhomer Juan Pierre is on! One question: Is there any LEGITIMATE reason why this kid shouldn’t be on a 35 SB? The answer is NO. Can you imagine his value then?
  18. So if he gets the green light on the basepaths, which he really should given his incredible speed, we’re looking at 20 HR, 30 SB, with even more room for upside. WOW.
  19. He certainly seems to be locked in. I really wish the Sox were not so committed to giving Danny Santana a shot first, as I’ve read.
  20. And yet many in this thread ignore what’s obvious to so many others.
  21. If you’re cool with a 9.00 ERA, go for it. The point remains, while very talented, there will be big bumps in the road this season.
  22. Getting taken to the woodshed tonight. Everyone falls in love with the shiny new toy and it often takes a while for them to figure it out in the show.
  23. Benching him is the right call. It’s the people who are dropping him or selling him for pennies on the dollar that I want in my league.
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