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  1. *gavel* Spring Training has officially begun.
  2. Smith is still the starting catcher and will be spelled, as all catchers are. He'll do more with 375ish ABs than most other catchers would if they did play full time. No hesitation from me at all.
  3. I had totally convinced myself they were going to sign Maikel Franco and Villar and ruin everyone’s offseason.
  4. Ian Desmond opts out. Should open up some more opportunities for the young guys assuming they don’t go full Rockies and sign the most washed up vet imaginable.
  5. This thread is pretty much the same sequel each year, at least in the pre-season. I think we all agree that he’ll be great in a full season, but at this point it’s on him to prove he can do it. Therein lies the gamble. I can’t blame anyone who’s been torched not taking it.
  6. Now THIS feels like a return to normalcy! Seriously doubt anything meaningful comes from it except for possibly the deepest of the deepest leagues, but Rockies Spring Training just got more fun!
  7. The Dbacks beat writer for The Athletic. He was quoted earlier in this thread.
  8. Buchanon was just on Fantasy Baseball in 15 (The Athletic podcast) this morning echoing his view that Varsho will be starting the year in the minors. Vogt looks to be the main blocker at this point.
  9. Thanks for the link! That’s the most concrete info yet, as broad as it is. They’ve been all over the place with estimates. It was posted a few pages back that they were looking at late February/early March (!?). Based on the link I’m guessing they open up this coming week or early the following week.
  10. I’m so jaded and fed up I honestly don’t even care if these guys jump the line and get vaccinated.
  11. Rosenthal and others have pulled back on the Hand-to-Mets deal. Selfishly I'd really prefer Hand sign on as an undisputed closer somewhere, so no Mets!
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