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  1. I had Paxton. I had Bumgarner. I have Fried. I have Merryweather. I have Soroka. I have Yarbrough. My pitching is injured/ineffective gutter trash. I also have Baddoo. Life is fun again.
  2. Cardinals OF defense is BAD. Three Timmy Lupus's out there.
  3. Always a bad sign when you're relieved when a pitcher is IL'd. Such is the case here. Guessing he's out awhile to heal and basically start over.
  4. I just can't with pitching any more. Everyone sucks and I hate them.
  5. Merryweather to the IL with an oblique strain. RIP and it was fun while it lasted.
  6. Go hitters. Pitchers can go play in the street.
  7. Guessing he’s out at least a month with a combo disgraced + injured list stay. Can’t think of a way this could have started worse for him.
  8. Merryweather coming in for a 4-out save after Romano dropped a deuce.
  9. Fried and Neris for me. Pitchers getting demo’d.
  10. I don’t watch Strasburg pitch much but it looks like he’s aged 10 years since the last time I did. Delivery looks slow and out of whack.
  11. Incoming trip to the Disgraceful List for Fried, I’m guessing. WTF is going on.
  12. If he was some guy on the Yankees or Red Sox this thread would be 100 pages. I mean, did you see that HR last night? Massive power and looks well beyond his years at the plate. Going to be a fun ride.
  13. Update: activated this morning, so I'd feel way better about starting him.
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