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  1. Update: activated this morning, so I'd feel way better about starting him.
  2. It's supposedly a reaction to the vaccine, but I'm benching in my weekly. Too much uncertainty.
  3. Players designated as “O” can be moved to the IL in ESPN.
  4. Now Hiura is booting little league grounders at 1B.
  5. Dropped to 6th today. Probably for the best.
  6. Toast until further notice. No power, no speed, lucks into a few singles. Don’t see how he stays in the 2-hole. Dropped him a week ago in my 12-teamer and he’s still out there.
  7. Mandatory 7 day quarantine, out until at least Thursday.
  8. What are we looking at here? At least a week?
  9. He only struck out once today, so that’s something.
  10. He hasn't pitched yet this season, so not much to see here, I don't think.
  11. Can we guess players that are still young but will be in this group soon? I'll go first: Andrew Benintendi. Also, Arizona will be having nightmares about that Bumgarner contract for years to come.
  12. 10 Ks in 19 ABs. The move to 1B would seem like a downgrade in job security since he couldn't cut it defensively at 2B. It's fair to wonder how long the Brewers will sit and watch this before sending him down. I'd expect him to get bumped to 6th in the batting order next week if he can't show something this weekend.
  13. Over/Under on Hiura getting sent down? 4/19?
  14. I know the beat writers tanked on Pagan, but Wittgren has come up often this offseason as a direct replacement to Hand. We need more sample size, but it could be a Padres-esque situation where the more talented pitchers come in earlier.
  15. Wow, my Fried/Yarbrough combo is doing awesome today. 🙄
  16. And he had already started every game with Tatis healthy. Random rest days should be it for his time on the bench.
  17. Man, that was brutal to watch. I'm sure most did a double-take when SD disclosed he's had off-and-on shoulder issues for a couple of years now - after signing him to the contract. Really tough break for a fun Padres team.
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