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  1. Yeah I let WR go this year. My other option is Sutton, but the Giants can actually cover some. So 2 guys with ACLs 😆
  2. What do we think this week? He’s begrudgingly my WR 2 right now, but afraid he’ll be used more like a decoy today, even in a possible shootout.
  3. Leaning Fournette to diversify a bit. 50/50 on the receivers
  4. Going back and forth with this. I’ve started Chubb and Hunt every week, but lately Hunt has been quiet. Don’t love Fournette, but he’s by himself again vs Lions. Similarly I’ve been going with Godwin, but he’s really disappointed where Landry has been steady. Fournette and Landry seem like the better plays, but would hate to lose benching my guys. Easy matchups for all of them. whir
  5. I’ve been using Godwin, and am afraid he breaks out when benched, but he’s been disappointing with so many mouths to feed. Both have great matchups. Whir
  6. How’s everyone feeling this week? Leaning towards benching [...] . He’s been very disappointing, but I would hate to bench him then he finally goes off..just not sure that’s possible with the mouths to feed there.
  7. I know, rough spot. 1/2 PPR. Engram will likely get targets, but McCoy threw for 105 yards last start. He’s also a bit banged up. Smith is the trending start this week but afraid of a playoff 0 when the offense runs through Dalvin.m
  8. I held as long as I could, but had to drop this week for playoff defense. His floor has become so low, I'm just as comfortable rolling with a waiver if Engram is out. It was good while it lasted!
  9. Take it easy on CEH owners. They started the year proclaiming CEH was better than the likes of Dalvin Cook (take a look at the Cook thread) to now owning an RB3. It’s been a rough stretch.
  10. Remember week 1 (before Cook’s first game) all that chatter about CEH...that didn’t age well..
  11. I mentioned in my prior post that of course he looked solid/good. I do think there's an overreaction to it today, especially the declarations vs. Cook after Week 1.
  12. Not the best comparison - Hunt would have had 200+ all purpose yards on Houston last night...
  13. Lots of CEH overreactions this AM. No one would say he didn't look good, but any KC back would have walked their way to 100 yards yesterday - AND they may have converted one of those goal line chances....
  14. I intended to hold Acuna another year for ~10. I was offered Trout & Sale instead (rentals - too expensive). I can keep 5 (all very cheap) of Acuna, Soto, Gleyber, DJ LeMahieu, Snell, Soroka next year. As of now Soroka the odd man out. Sale would help (replace my CC/Stripling combo), but I’m still leery losing Acuna next year Currently in 6th of 12 (which was my seed last year when I won), but everyone is bunched. For ref, we start 4 OF, 2 UT, 1 per infield, 6 SP.
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