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  1. It would be nice if Samuel didn’t play.
  2. Not pretty at all, but got the job done.
  3. What does that even mean? This guy was suppose to be the 3rd down/pass catching RB and didn’t even dress. It is a fair question.
  4. Hopefully Julio is back this week so he can help me win this consolation game I am in this week.
  5. I didn’t watch the game but just looking at the box score, it looks like all the production came in the 4th while team was getting stomped on. Either way Parker is hurt and is useless even if he plays. Maybe things work out better next year.
  6. Pretty obvious he was a direct beneficiary of the team losing (which unfortunately hasn’t been often this year). He had two touches at halftime. If they get ahead next week then Chubb won’t get phased out and we are probably back to hoping he falls into the end zone.
  7. I would hardly say Tua is the reason the Dolphins are winning. There are plenty of bad QBs who have been on teams with good records that win in spite of them. Whether Tua sucks, play calling sucks, weapons suck, normal rookie mistakes, whatever. It doesn’t really matter. Him playing tanks Parker’s value. Hopefully they show some some sort of report this week so people don’t have to feel gross about playing Parker in the semis and championship if they get there.
  8. Whole thing sounds like a mess. I guess we will just wait and see if he is active. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2020/12/11/dandre-swift-detroit-lions-injury-report-kenny-golladay/3896008001/
  9. Doesn't help the Browns win every game. The only games they have lost are vs Baltimore (5 targets), Pitt (got completely blown out and whole offense sat the 4th quarter), and the Raiders game with the really bad wind where nobody threw the ball. They play Baltimore this week so hopefully they fall behind early and we can see how involved Hunt is. Although Cleveland finishes with the Jets and Giants so there is that as well.
  10. Should be grateful he was on the WW two weeks ago. This guy's coming out party was in Week 3 and has probably been owned in most leagues since. He is the WR18 on the year for Half PPR Average Pts. If you take out his very first NFL game (coming off injury I think) where he was barely involved, he is WR12 which is good for a WR1 in most leagues. Anyways, I think this guy was clearly the guy with Deebo back last week as Deebo had like 5 targets and all his production at the end in garbage time. I would probably make him a low end WR2 this week with the matchup and uncertainty if
  11. Yea he averaged 11.5 pts in half PPR before his “backfield takeover” in his last game, so he should be a viable option either way for a lot of people. Of course we all hope he continues 20+ touches and becomes a league winner.
  12. Yea how many touches is anyone’s guess. If he is “eased back” or whatever then probably a low end RB2. If he picks up where he left off then rock solid RB1. I do not have better alternatives so I’ll fire him up if he is active.
  13. Yea sucks, it is what it is though. Hopefully still comes back if our teams make it out of this week as I’d still take WR2 production from him. Guess we will just see how next week goes.
  14. DNP all of last week, early rule out, DNP to start this week. Hard to imagine him playing this week, but I guess we will just have to wait it out and see.
  15. When did he re-aggravate his hamstring injury? Only thing I have seen is him tweaking his knee and coming out for a series.
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