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  1. Thanks for the help with mine. If you have a shot this year I think Beiber is the move but if you are building for the future go with Tatis
  2. Thanks for the help with mine. I think you should go with this trade and get Anderson. With Yelich out indefinitely you could use the speed
  3. Your link just sends me to the main page
  4. Thanks for the help with mine. I like Freeman by quite a bit.
  5. I like Weathers for the upside. Might as well swing for the fences this early in the year.
  6. I’m not sure Sano is worth a pickup but Paddack is the drop IMO, especially with Soroka and Carrasco on the IL but coming back eventually. Also, I think you are missing your 3B on the roster.
  7. I prefer Senzel because of the supporting cast. Happ probably a bit more pop and speed though. Depends what you need but I lean Nick.
  8. OPS league, 10 team head to head. Have chance to scoop one more OF. Reynolds or Peralta? I’m trying not to be influenced by Peralta’s monster game yesterday but both intrigue me. Leave a link and WHIR!
  9. I personally like going light on bench hitters so I would drop walker for Montas. I would drop Hudson to activate Morton but if you absolutely need to drop a starter Gonsolin is the odd man out.
  10. If you can swing that, grab Darvish.
  11. I’d go Buehler and Flaherty. Hill has been inconsistent and Detroit has been hot lately.
  12. Needs wins and strikeouts Who do you prefer? Leave a link WHIR
  13. Thanks for the help with mine. this is pretty close but I would go with Team B. All those guys are performing while the guys on Team A are slumping. In a short season may not be time for them to shake out of it.
  14. Personally I think that’s a terrible offer. You should require a top 10 player in return for Acuna.
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