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  1. I personally like going light on bench hitters so I would drop walker for Montas. I would drop Hudson to activate Morton but if you absolutely need to drop a starter Gonsolin is the odd man out.
  2. If you can swing that, grab Darvish.
  3. I’d go Buehler and Flaherty. Hill has been inconsistent and Detroit has been hot lately.
  4. Needs wins and strikeouts Who do you prefer? Leave a link WHIR
  5. Thanks for the help with mine. this is pretty close but I would go with Team B. All those guys are performing while the guys on Team A are slumping. In a short season may not be time for them to shake out of it.
  6. Personally I think that’s a terrible offer. You should require a top 10 player in return for Acuna.
  7. I don’t see the point. I think JD has the best chance to turn it around.
  8. Greinke is definitely the safe play. I would not call you crazy for thinking Lewis is the real deal though.
  9. Baez No reason he shouldn’t turn it on soon.
  10. 6x6 OPS 10 team Roto league My hitting is fantastic but I need help with starting pitching and Morton should be back next week. I love Moncada but I don’t think the downgrade to Turner is much of anything. Should I make the move to grab Morton? Leave a link and WHIR
  11. You seem solid all around. I agree that you seem a little bench heavy in hitters (particularly if it is daily and not weekly lineup changes). You could drop Cutch and maybe even Miggy for some arms.
  12. 6 x 6 OPS league Need a Winker replacement. Who do you like? For the next week or so?
  13. Plutko seems like your best bet. please help with mine:
  14. I think you should stick with Castellanos. I don’t see Houston really shaking out of this funk all year.
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