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  1. Haha I am. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overthinking it
  2. Stanton/McCullers vs Harper/Kershaw ? Which side would you take in limited keeper league?
  3. Stanton or Harper. Flip a coin to se which status healthier but like Stanton’s potential to stay healthy and put up numbers this year more than Harper’s.
  4. Bum, Darvish, Dozier and Devers. Bum and Dozier are pretty self explanatory, but with Yu a year healthier, he has great upside. People may overly focus on his playoff debacle, but I’m seeing elite k potential on a good team. Devers only because I’d rather have a starter more trustworthy via draft than Nola.
  5. Ended up with second pick of 12 team, 6x6, keep 3 for 3 years league. Current keepers are Stanton, Judge and Correa. With Trout available at 1, my options look like: Betts, Arenado, Harper, Goldy How would you guys rank them? Currently leaning Arenado, Harper, Betts, Goldy Arenado has the consistency and plays third with 2/3rds of my outfield already set. Harper is always possible to go bonkers with health but can’t see it here with being only able to keep for 3 years.
  6. With White's emergence, what's everyone's thought on his 2016 ETA and playing time situation?
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