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  1. Listening to some Hans Zimmer....Dude has done great stuff
  2. I listened to that one before I listened to The Road to Awe....Great song, both versions
  3. I am listening to some stuff from Clint Mansell, great (Saw theme, Smokin Aces music, The Fountain music) Clint Mansell - Death Is A Road to Awe = Great music
  4. I dont know the name of the song but its the "Dont Fear The Reaper" one. Very very good song, a friend made a couple of CDs for me and that was one of them, never heard it before and it was cool
  5. Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video
  6. Motion City Soundtrack (Not sure if thats an actual band name) - Let's Get F**ked Up And Die
  7. I am listening to a song called "Mad World" by Gary Jules
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