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  1. Pulled off a 10-7 victory! Two of my first three picks this year were total busts (Cabrera and Polanco), so this one is especially satisfying. Thank you, Aaron Judge.
  2. Sure enough his homer today was off a lefty reliever. I wish the Yankees would stop platooning him.
  3. The strange thing with Bird is he's actually hitting lefties much better than righties this year (.240/.310/.520 vs. LHP compared to .157/.272/.343 vs. RHP.) It's a small sample size, but hopefully enough to buy him a start tomorrow while he's hot.
  4. After a brutal start he's homered in three of his last four games. Batted cleanup tonight, too.
  5. I suspect Minaya will get another shot, Farquhar is probably next in line. I wouldn't touch either guy, to be honest.
  6. Yankees fans still seem really high on this guy and think he could be a big difference maker down the stretch. Wishful thinking? Probably, but I'd say he's worth a flier in that lineup and that park.
  7. I actually needed a hold more than a save, so thanks Dusty! But yeah, letting a guy close simply so he can get to a round number of saves is kind of insane.
  8. Well, that worked out well for the Angels...
  9. No love for this guy after four home runs in his last five games? He strikes out a ton, but the power is real and he's got a full-time job after the Alonso trade.
  10. Cam gets the save with 2 K's. Is he the closer now? It's tough to say, since Middleton got a save Tuesday and may have been unavailable tonight. Parker was seemingly in line for a save Wednesday, but usually he's been deployed in the 7th and 8th despite having the best overall numbers. The only thing we can safely say is Bud is out of the picture now. I'd add Bedrosian first, but keep a close eye on Middleton and Parker.
  11. Angels save situation coming up, as long as they don't tack on another run. Awful Bud might pick up a W.
  12. It could be Middleton, who got the save Tuesday. He'd be pitching for the third straight night, though.
  13. Magic Marco is back. There's some buzz about him being traded to Seattle, not sure how serious it is.
  14. And another. Tie game. Norris is toast. Bedrosian warming behind him in the 8th, FWIW.
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