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  1. I posted the same question and so far the results have been 3-3. It's a total tossup. Personally, I'm starting to lean Saints just because of the Superdome.
  2. Leaning toward Scarborough just because of the matchup. Should be a run heavy game script with a chance for a TD
  3. I probably would have said yes if Brees was still an option for this week. I kind of like Singletary this week so not really thinking of Bell as much of an upgrade. Def like Chark over what you have at Flex but I don't think it's enough to move on from Mahomes over. Based off his lineup, 2 duds last night, plus 3 Rams facing the Ravens, I'd rather roll the dice with what you have and hold onto Mahomes.
  4. Looking at how strong you are at WR, I'd say yes to adding J.Williams and cutting Kirk loose. Colts have a good line and commit to the run, if they're going to continue to feature Williams he is a great add and worth using the priority imo. If that doesn't work out, I'd look to grab the Eagles D now. They get Miami next week and still have the Skins and Giants.
  5. Griffin. Raiders are 3rd worst against TE for the season. Hoping that trend continues
  6. Carson. Eagles are good against the run but I still trust his workload and potential to score over those WR's
  7. Since we don't know if Shepard is playing, I'd go with Renfrow
  8. DJ Moore. Feel good about him based off all the targets he's been seeing
  9. A.Jones & Henry for sure. Hard to bench A.Jones w his TD upside. Jags run D has the worst yards against per carry so I expect Tennessee to feed Henry all day. I'd keep Godwin & Chark in the lineup over Lindsey.
  10. 2 of the toughest matchups for your QBs but NE is the toughest. I'd go Rodgers Singletary over White and I'd sit Sutton of those WR's. at Buffalo is a tough spot
  11. Which DST would you start this week Saints Home vs Panthers Ravens AT Rams Thanks, leave your link
  12. Trading Mack isn't going to go over well if you're looking to avoid accusations of collusion. You'd have to do a deal that involves more players where he is just a throw-in. If you're just looking to get the likes of Sony Michel or Tyrell Williams than I think any of your backups at RB-WR are a fair deal.
  13. I'd stick w Hollister. Wilson has gotten his TE's in the end zone all season.
  14. also, Beckham has the Dolphins this week and a great schedule down the stretch.
  15. I would do it. 5-6 is a must-win game to make the playoffs so you have to move on from the bye week guys here. you at least need to move Hill for a WR since Juju is hurt. and Fuller may not play tonight either.
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