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  1. I probably would have said yes if Brees was still an option for this week.  I kind of like Singletary this week so not really thinking of Bell as much of an upgrade.  Def like Chark over what you have at Flex but I don't think it's enough to move on from Mahomes over.  Based off his lineup, 2 duds last night, plus 3 Rams facing the Ravens, I'd rather roll the dice with what you have and hold onto Mahomes.  

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  2. Looking at how strong you are at WR, I'd say yes to adding J.Williams and cutting Kirk loose.  Colts have a good line and commit to the run, if they're going to continue to feature Williams he is a great add and worth using the priority imo.   If that doesn't work out, I'd look to grab the Eagles D now.  They get Miami next week and still have the Skins and Giants.  



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