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  1. in order, i like Martin Abdullah Thompson http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675860-dst-texans-or-ravens-~-whir/
  2. Drop L.Murray. he won't catch many (any) balls and is totally TD dependent http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675860-dst-texans-or-ravens-~-whir/
  3. Yeah if they didn't lose Watt & Mercilus I'd feel a lot better about them
  4. I'd actually feel better if they were sticking with Kizer. he's been a turnover machine
  5. if Montgomery is playing then he is the easy choice. I'd go Moncrief as the 2nd option, Titans D has been bad and Brisett is half decent. if no Montgomery i'd go Gallman over Decker. Decker just hasn't shown anything so Gallman is just a dart throw, maybe he gets a score or garbage time yards
  6. I'd go ASJ. I understand the thinking w Engram but the Giants lost their WR's early last week and Engram got a goose egg. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675860-dst-texans-or-ravens-~-whir/
  7. Two strong options on paper this week, which Defense would you start this week? - Ravens vs Bears - Texans vs Browns Thanks, leave your link.
  8. 1. Smallwood, Collins, and Ellington. rather have Henry over ASJ 2. Clay & Lacy 3. i'd hold tight, everyone is pretty similar. A.Morris worth holding as the Zeke stuff will never die.
  9. I'd stash Jamal Williams. Best offense by far of the group and Montgomery has never been a full-season RB. At some point I think J.Williams will get a shot. He's also probably better trade bait to the Montgomery owner.
  10. Yes, do that. Bell is insane in PPR http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/673796-pick-2-abdullah-mixon-gore-kbenjamin-~-whir/
  11. I'd go w Witten in PPR. he's been quiet the last 2 games but the 1st two weeks he had 17 receptions. so better upside than ASF imo http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/673796-pick-2-abdullah-mixon-gore-kbenjamin-~-whir/
  12. Roll the Blount. Smallwood is hurt and the Eagles O-Line has been mashing the last 2 weeks.
  13. Rudolph. I know Henry got the TD last week but he was invisible prior to that. Gates is still there getting in his way.
  14. tough call, i think i'd ride with Cohen since its PPR. i can see them using him in short passes to help Trubisky
  15. since its Standard, I'd stick with Marshawn. he's still a goal line option
  16. Standard Scoring. Which 2 should I start? Abdullah vs Panthers Mixon vs Bills Gore vs 49ers Benjamin at Lions Thanks, leave your link
  17. I prefer the M.Thomas side of the trade. He & AJ are pretty close but I prefer Demarco & Doug over Crowell & Marshawn. Basically, I don't like Crowell at all and I think D.Martin has major upside this season. Bonus: his bye is already out of the way. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671946-sit-one-gurley-gordon-fournette-~-whir/
  18. I'd rather have Cousins. And the matchups solidify it. As noted Ben is bad on the road and Cousins will be auditioning for his old (and soon to be new) coach
  19. That's real tough. I love both their matchups. I lean to Carson, seems in line for touches vs a shaky Colts team.
  20. I would do that. You need the RB more and have some WR depth still
  21. I'd rather have Hunt because of the possible suspension http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671946-sit-one-gurley-gordon-fournette-~-whir/
  22. Standard Scoring. Can only start 2, which one should I Bench? - Gurley at Dallas - Gordon vs Philadelphia - Fournette at Jets Thanks, leave your link
  23. i'd probably hold him a week or two just to see if any new news comes in. but if you can trade him, do it
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