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  1. 3 options to me are Panthers D, Cook, Brown. Sounds like you like having 2 D's and 2 TE's so Brown it is. With the WR you have, you won't miss him.
  2. Drake. even with DJohnson playing he should have a role. and if DJohnson gets hurt again, it could be a big day
  3. I like that trade. You have 3 good RB's so moving Singletary won't hurt whereas Diggs can slide right into your lineup this week. And at the very least when K.Allen has his bye in 2 weeks too
  4. Stick with Goff. Winston has some big games but the second you rely on him he'll have a dud. Plus Tampa's record is so bad that they could bench Jameis at any moment. For a backup, Goff will be more reliable.
  5. That's close but I'm going with Ronald Jones simply because I expect him to get more touches. Barber stinks whereas T.Coleman is in Breida's way
  6. Hate to lose Hopkins but I think you have to do it based of the RB's you have. But, Carson has a bye next week so you're RB's will be bad again and you won't have Hopkins to try to make up the difference. If there's a comparable RB who's bye has already passed, I'd try that first. If you end up with Carson though, maybe you can flip him next week
  7. How do you rank these DST's 1-4 for this week only Bills at Browns Saints vs Falcons Ravens at Bengals Colts vs Dolphins Thanks, leave your link
  8. Chubb, Gordon, DJohnson. Freeman there in case DJohnson doesn't play
  9. I would do the Gallup or AJ Brown deal. I like the idea of getting the 1st rounder for what I don't consider to be a drastic downgrade at WR this year. Outside of the monster game against the Eagles, Diggs hasn't been great. Only has 1 TD besides that game. And long term Gallup or Brown could become an upgrade over Diggs. I like the Kirk too but the 2nd rounder in a rookie only draft is far less appealing.
  10. #1 I think you nailed it: start Gordan at RB2 & Samuels with DJ Moore as fallback if Samuels doesn't start #2 Samuels over Ekeler since you also have Connor. i get see a lot of receptions in that game for Samuels
  11. Chris Carson for me. Even with a tough matchup I'd rather go with the guaranteed touches. Carson has been solid all year
  12. I don't love Hyde but I would definitely rather have him than Cohen
  13. Bills. Cleveland is one of the best matchups for a fantasy defense.
  14. JuJu based of the Hilton injury. Wouldn't want to trust T.Y. coming back and being 100% right away
  15. I'd start Ryan and be ready to grab Tannehill if there's a setback
  16. Chubb. He is still going to get plenty of touches regardless of Hunt. He's too good imo
  17. I would prefer to go with MRyan but are we positive he is going to play? Since Carr plays tonight, can you grab another QB in case you need to swap out Ryan last minute?
  18. Half Point PPR. I debate these two pretty much every week, who would you start? Ekeler at Raiders G.Tate at Jets Thanks, leave your link
  19. I'd rather hold onto Kirk. Even with Haskins I wouldn't mind going McLaurin over Amendola anyway
  20. Walton. Miami will be in the game, maybe even playing with a lead, I can see him having a good game
  21. Cowboys. Playing in North Jersey will be like a home game for them. Coming off the bye they should be ready to go
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