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  1. Hate to lose Hopkins but I think you have to do it based of the RB's you have.  But, Carson has a bye next week so you're RB's will be bad again and you won't have Hopkins to try to make up the difference.  If there's a comparable RB who's bye has already passed, I'd try that first.  If you end up with Carson though, maybe you can flip him next week



  2. I would do the Gallup or AJ Brown deal.  I like the idea of getting the 1st rounder for what I don't consider to be a drastic downgrade at WR this year.  Outside of the monster game against the Eagles, Diggs hasn't been great.  Only has 1 TD besides that game.   And long term Gallup or Brown could become an upgrade over Diggs.  I like the Kirk too but the 2nd rounder in a rookie only draft is far less appealing.     

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