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  1. Agree, nice matchups. I like D.Parker the best. Trumaine Johnson has been a disaster for the Jets
  2. I'd hold onto Mack and A.Robinson. Like them each better than Ingram and AJ. Hard to trust AJ coming back at this point. Especially w a 6th round rookie at QB
  3. I like Carr over Brissett this week. Def play J.Samuels if Conner is out. Agree to keep Moore on the bench and go w Godwin-Allen plus the 3 RB's.
  4. If its a must-win and you like Jameis & Godwin better this week then you should turn it down and go with them.
  5. Half Point PPR. Who do you like this week? Ekeler vs Packers Tate vs Cowboys Thanks, leave your link
  6. Absolutely. though i doubt the other guy would trade McCaffrey. but if he is willing, you have to do it
  7. I'd decline. Colts line is miles better than the Jets. Rather have Mack plus you get to keep Ty Johnson who could become useful
  8. Keep Kamara. Drake is practically useless & you already have 3 good WR. You need the RB much more.
  9. I'd rather have Chubb & A.Robinson. I like them both better than Lev & T.Williams. Personally I'm not that concerned about Hunt. But even if he cuts in, I'd still love this deal to get Chubb in a Keeper League.
  10. I like Ebron with the way the Colts are playing. But I'm not sure who you could cut. Plus if those TE are available and no one has picked them up then they really don't have trade value. I'd stay put with what you have.
  11. Because you have Kamara & Fournette already I would do it. You won't miss Jacobs as much and the upgrade to Thomas could be huge.
  12. HALF Point PPR. Who would you start? G.Tate at Detroit A.Ekeler at Chicago C.Edmonds at New Orleans Thanks, leave your link
  13. No. I would hold onto Kamara. Or I'd want a much better haul than that. Brees might be back next week and Kamara may go right back to being a stud.
  14. I would do it for LeVeon. Darnold being back turns the whole offense around and helps him for 1/2 PPR. Bonus that the Jets already had their bye and GB didn't. I'd consider trading him for Jacobs too since there's no RB2 breathing down his neck like Jones has with J.Williams. I would NOT trade him for Conner.
  15. Diggs & Ridley for me but man it is really close between all 3. just worry the 49ers will totally shut the Skins down.
  16. I know he's been a huge bust, but I'd roll with Mixon this week. Jags D has allowed pretty decent #'s to RB's
  17. I'd keep Damien Williams over those guys. You have Zeke, Carson, J.Jacobs so I'd rather stash the best upside guy on my bench. for me that is still D.Williams in case Mahomes comes back. Only guy I'd consider there is Jamaal Williams
  18. In a vacuum I'd rather have Royce. But as the A.Jones owner yeah I'd rather have Jamaal. Its a pretty even deal
  19. I like Gore. Revenge game vs Miami and Buffalo should be playing with the lead allowing them to make sure Singletary is healthy
  20. Fuller & Latavius. I wouldn't be able to sit Fuller with his blow-up potential. Even last week, he should have had 3 big plays. Opportunity is too great to sit. I'm assuming Kamara will be out or limited so I prefer the RB. If Kamara ends up 100% I'd go J.Brown over Lazzard. I'm not trusting him off one game.
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