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  1. Which would you start this week? Most weekly rankings like the Bills but I saw that the Titans only have 1 turnover all season Bills at Titans Texans vs Falcons Saints vs Buccaneers Thanks, leave your link
  2. Nyheim Hines might be useful for PPR as well. He is the preferred passing down back and they'll likely be chasing points in Kansas City this week
  3. It's an even trade. but I think I'd just stick w Edelman. Half PPR is a nice boost w him and he's your clear #2 WR. And I like the combo of the Denver backs you have for your RB2. I'd rather start them or Sony than downgrade from Edelman to your bench WR's.
  4. C.Samuel & MVS - Eagles secondary is hurting I'd start all 3 RB's.
  5. KUPP. he's been playing great and gets Tampa. Connor has looked awful .
  6. Yes to that. Kelce is a monster and you're stacked at RB. good deal.
  7. Tough call. I would do it because I love Engram and assume Olsen is not going to stay healthy. Personally, I think KC will be RBBC all year. Even if Shady stays healthy I'd assume they won't want to overuse him. Also, you have Tyreek so when he comes back its not likely you'll use Hardman. So I'd do it to upgrade to Engram
  8. MVS & Mike Williams. Eagles secondary is bad and now Darby is out tonight. Mike Williams vs Dolphins, its time for him to breakout
  9. Yes. Def do that. You need to RB more than the WR
  10. STANDARD Scoring. Who would you start? Mixon @ Pittsburgh Fournette @ Denver Thanks, leave your link
  11. I'd sit tight. Not really big on James Washington. J.Jackson is a turned ankle from Ekeler away from having a ton of value
  12. I like M.Jones vs the Eagles secondary. I'd stay away from Samuel based off Cam's health.
  13. I'd stay put. You don't need JuJu and have to wonder how good he'll be without Ben now. Mack will be fine as your #2 RB. He's young and they built a nice line, a nice situation for dynasty.
  14. I would do it. I think Boyd will still be solid but I still love Mike Evans upside. Like you said, you'd most likely never start D.Robinson anyway. May as well sell him while he's hot.
  15. I like Aaron Jones better. J.Williams isn't going to overtake him whereas Penny just might in Seattle. Plus I think GB offense is only going to get better. They just played 2 top Defenses in the Bears and Vikings.
  16. Def sticking with MThomas & JuJu. For the 3rd, I'd go with Ridley. But I like all of those options
  17. Half Point PPR Mack vs Falcons Watkins vs Ravens Thanks, leave your link
  18. Shady. Still not sure how many touches Miles will get with Howard, Sproles, and Clement all in the mix
  19. I love Jones long term but based off this week's matchups I'd go with Tyrell.
  20. I would do the trade based off your WR. Gallup becomes an instant starter for you. I like Andrew and Waller so trading one would actually save the headache on which to start each week
  21. I like Vance better both for this week and for the rest of the season.
  22. Texans vs Jags Bills at Giants Thanks, leave your link
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