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  1. Tyrell Williams. Would assume he'll see a lot of targets now.
  2. Damien Williams. I'm going off the belief that the Chiefs offense will be a juggernaut again, regardless of matchup
  3. Mixon and Ryan for me. PPR gives the edge to Mixon. 6pt per TD and -2 per INT make me want to stay away from the rookie QB
  4. Would usually lean RB when it's this close but Breida worries me & I just have a feeling about Samuel vs Rams.
  5. HALF Point PPR. Who would you start: Edelman vs Pitt Godwin vs SF Thanks, leave your link
  6. Nice score to land AB. Edelman is nice in PPR but the upside of AB is well worth it. Thanks for replying to mine, sorry I didn't get to this earlier. Good luck
  7. B. but i'm just guessing that Miles Sanders leaves Howard in the dust. and that if Henry stays healthy, he might not be so far off from Ertz.
  8. I'd rather have Hardman just in case in KC than Deebo or JJAW. Too many mouths to feed in Phila whereas maybe Hardman works up the chart in KC?
  9. I'd do it. Like Duke much better than Howard in PPR. and A.Jones feels like a safer bet long term compared to the KC backfield
  10. I'd rather have Freeman & Golladay. Just my preference. On paper, its an even trade.
  11. I don't think its a bad deal. It really comes down to Evans vs Thomas. One thing I learned about dynasty is not to overhype the future. Sounds counter-productive but there's always new rookies, sleepers to grab. Go for it now.
  12. It's a pretty fair deal but yes, I prefer the Mixon side of things. Feel like he could be a real difference maker, especially in PPR.
  13. I would do that. Kamara is worth it. Plus you have AJ Green sitting in waiting for later if you need the WR help.
  14. That's real close but I prefer Sony at home. Vikings D is tough
  15. Def do that deal. You're plenty deep at RB and this would be a huge upgrade at WR. I'd prefer to give up E.Sanders of those options. You certainly won't need him once you add Odell. But I'd do that deal with Andrews as well.
  16. HALF Point PPR. Which ONE would you SIT? Mack at Chargers Ekeler vs Colts B.Cooks at Panthers Thanks, leave your link
  17. Damien Williams. Until we actually see him lose the job, I'd consider him a must-start
  18. I definitely like Winker the best of those 3. Choo would be my 2nd choice
  19. Head to Head Points League. Which 2 would you start for week 1: Jake Arrieta, Julio Teheran, Rick Porcello? Extended opening week so each guy is expected to make 2 starts. Scoring is pretty standard with Wins getting a nice boost. Thanks
  20. Looking for a Week 16 Title Game Defense. How do you rank these for just that week 16 game: Cowboys vs Tampa Dolphins vs Jags Colts vs Giants Cowboys & Colts have come on lately. Dolphins stink but Jags are bad and playing Cody Kessler now.
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