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  1. I didn't watch the game last night but was surprised to see a link claiming grant was injured but nothing here or on Rotoworld (edge reported). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.detroitbadboys.com/platform/amp/2021/2/28/22306578/detroit-pistons-vs-new-york-knicks-final-score-new-york-shuts-down-detroit-in-ugly-loss they claim something with his left leg.
  2. Sorry, typod above. LMA, Levert aren't* must holds IMO if you don't have extra IR spots.
  3. I would keep Jackson especially since Set might unload Ellington also. In a 10 team I also think LMA, Levert(don't think he's coming back anytime soon), are must holds. Bazley also is ok now and more of a luxury stash.
  4. Ross. Orlando is banged up and may move Fournier so Ross would feast. Once McCollum comes back Trent role shrinks significantly.
  5. Had the same question. Depends on format and league type. I went with Bey Bec he's clearly being prioritized in terms of development. Jackson has a more fantasy friendly game with the stocks but is coming off the bench. if Ellington is moved I'd want Jackson too but as of now I have bey slightly ahead
  6. Roster crunch and I can swap my Noel for Poeltl who was just dropped. Points league. My gut says Poeltl PT is safer for the rest of season but having a hard time deciding. Only other guy I have who could be droppable is Kuz but leaning against that.
  7. I can see Miami, Brooklyn, PHX, Philly, and NY amongst others getting his agent on the line if he is bought out.
  8. He'd be perfect in Brooklyn if he can force a buyout or a trade
  9. I have the feeling Thad Young will be touted as a pickup in a few days. Wendell Carter out at least a month and he will likely be getting more burn and is a decent scorer, rebounder and steals guy for a big(even though he's a 4). Surprised there's no thread for him this year
  10. https://twitter.com/ShamsCharania/status/1341138230100586497?s=20 looks like he might be safe for this season.
  11. Yes, was referring to the first one. I stand corrected if you were scoreboard watching. Second connection was a legitimate alley. I was watching the game and I thought he got credit for an assist on the failed contact/air ball.
  12. The guy is shooting 43% from three and is starting on a team that could use floor spacing but he barely shoots. Decent steals also so he should be so much more valuable. I get that he's 4th or 5th option but can anyone who watches Bucks games educate me why he's not getting open looks (or not shooting) playing with Giannis and Jrue?
  13. He got 1 assist he didn't deserve too when he tried drawing contact and just threw the ball in the air and Mitch Robinson just dunked it as if it were an alley.
  14. No love for Kanter? He just cleared the 50% mark in ESPN and Nurk is out till March at least
  15. Yes, make that move ASAP. In a 10 team you should have better options than BLo anyway
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