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  1. Yahoo's position eligibility is too low to begin with IMO. 5/10 gets too many folks multi-position qualified - for that season and all of next season just for five starts in a 162 game schedule? I think players should have one position to start each season - the position they played the most the previous year. And then have it 10 starts at the new position any given season. .If the player really is having a position switch then you get his new eligibility by the end of your second match-up.
  2. No DH, but no more facing Tigers so many times a season.
  3. Paddack or Lamet would presumably be going out though wouldn't they?
  4. To me it's because they were scapegoated. If they were not going to punish the players then I think the better punishment would have been to strip the team of the WS win. This whole thing was about sweeping it under the rug. Ownership would raise holy hell if they removed the WS championship so MLB didn't do it. MLBPA wouldn't accept any player punishment so they got off Scot-free. So only the managers/coaches took the brunt and I think that's unfair. They failed in leadership, but this was very player driven.
  5. There is so much we don't know given this season. Another is some players perform better without the fans, others need the fans to feed off of.
  6. San Diego is ridiculous with how constantly slow they are releasing their line-up. Seems like every day they wait and wait and release their line up after East Coast games start. Every other game has released both their line-ups, Seattle has released theirs for crying out loud.
  7. Seems like Vince Velasquez was bumped from his Game #2 start today, at least according to Yahoo.
  8. Or owners might have narrowly missed out on qualifying for the playoffs because of that missed start this week. All about perspective.
  9. I wonder if Alex Reyes gets a look at the STL closer gig - in his last seven innings he has a 9:1 K/BB ratio and a 0.71 WHIP giving up no runs.
  10. Is he a better 2B than Kike or Taylor or Muncy for that matter? And it seems this could be more than a one-off but will split time at 2B the rest of season so it's just to switch things up for Mookie for a day
  11. Berti might be a sneaky pick-up ROS with Villar gone.
  12. Nola is having arguably the best offensive season of all catchers this year. SD doesn't need him to be their "future" they have top catching prospect in the wings for that. He's acquired for the "now" while also having few catching miles on his body given he only transitioned there a few years ago so he could probably still catch for 4-5 more years as a bench bat. Do you trade Trammel for a better chance to win this year - ask me in a couple of months.
  13. Next CBA will fix things but elite prospects are simply way too cost effective valuable to deal away for big money "win now" vets anymore (probably always was, it was just figured out). Too many years of cheap control on 21 yr old superstars to trade away 18-19 yr old top prospects. You get quantity and hope 1-2 out of those six players "hit" and become MLB regulars. You have to draft stars and FA sign superstars.
  14. Have to imagine Plesac will be dealt today given that return for Clev - they're desperate to move them. Quantril is a 3-4 starter, one of those better IRL pitchers than fantasy guys so the FBB community will not be too excited about him ever. Naylor getting a ROS full time gig is interesting, hoping for a NYM Smith happening?
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