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  1. Was hoping this thread was about old players that need to retire from the league and be euthanized. Was going to add Pujols to the list.
  2. I'd want Abreu in this trade. Turner injuries scare me and so do Miggy's, so you must do something. Good luck!
  3. Standard 10-team A. Rosario B. Buxton Y. Diaz S. Piscotty
  4. Need to drop one of these guys in a 10 team keeper: Severino Merrifield Realmuto Castellanos Thanks for your help guys!
  5. He was brought up on CBS podcast this morning so now I am forced to add him ughhhhhhhhhh
  6. Easy start for me as he is facing the Angels.
  7. I'm concerned with him not getting called up at all. Happens more often than not.
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